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Pre-made bag machine


How Do Pre-made Bag Machine Work?

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no standard answer for this question, Every packaging solution is different, and every packaging solution is specific to the customer.

Packaging machine choosing depended  on the size of the bag, the type of material, the size of the measurement, the speed of packaging and the complexity of the packaging equipment. The price  ranges from tens of thousands to millions.

Generally, the more complex, customized, or high-speed the packaging process is, the more you can expect to pay.

The operation of the automatic packaging machine is completed through the human-computer interaction interface.

It is simple and clear. As long as it is not a highly customized equipment, the operation is very simple.

Our customer service staff welcomes you to inquire about the operation method and provide training services.

Newidea machinery provides you with various types of flexible packaging solutions such as back seal, three-side seal, four-side seal, filter paper bag, inner and outer bag, self-supporting bag, pin bag, prefabricated bag, etc.

Bag type :This depends on different model. Some model can achieve one bag type only, some model can achieve more than 10 bag types. You can tell us your requirements, we will suggest you the suitable one.

Bag size:The bag width and length can be adjusted by one machine within the certain range of each model.

One machine can pack different product, but with similar characters.

The function of the feeding system is to provide materials for the high-speed packaging machine. Under normal circumstances, the manual filling cannot meet the running speed of the packaging machine, and the manual filling cannot guarantee the measurement accuracy. Therefore, in order to meet the high-speed and high-precision operation of the packaging machine, a suitable feeding system is required.
According to different products, the feeding system is divided into four types: granule, powder, sauce and liquid.

The packaging speed of the packaging machine is expressed in BPM, that is, the number of bags packed per minute. Generally, automated flexible packaging machines can be rated for anywhere from 30 to 300 bags per minute.
About production speeds, however, depend on many factors. Your product properties, bag sizes and styles, plant environment, and technical skill of operators will all factor in the actual speeds.
The best way to estimate actual production speeds is to send in film/bag and product samples to the packaging machine manufacturer for testing.

Below certain production levels it just doesn’t make sense to automate your packaging. Likewise, if your production levels are quite high you may have to prepare to invest in multiple systems or multilane packaging equipment.

To help you see where your production levels fall, below are two tables that give you estimated number of bags a packaging machine can produce in certain time periods.

Assumptions: 8 hour shifts, one shift per day, 21 working days per month, 251 working days per year.

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In order to make sure that the packaging machine is best suited to your needs. Usually we will have some question for you, that will help you analyze you demand more clearly.  Download our free  questions or contact our professional packaging machine sales person to  get free solution now.


How to prepare your factory for new packaging equipment? We have a simple list of items to prepare you for the necessary preparations before the new machine arrive. You can Download our free  facility list or contact our professional packaging machine sales person directly


Machine return on investment calculations take a little work, You can download the ROI calculator free or contact us to provide your suitable solution

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