Multilane Stick Packing Pachine

Multilane Stick Packing Pachine


High Speed Vertical Multilane Granule Stick Sachet Packaging Machine, suitable for coffee, sugar product, high speed and output. 

Multilane Stick Packing Pachine


High Speed Multilane Packaging Machine For Stick Pouch Bag, suitable for nutrition product, milk powder, with CE, SGS certification

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Multilane Packaging Machines For Stick Pack

The NEWIDEAPACK multilane stick packing machines can solve the questions of most small amount food products, such as instant coffee, lollipops, probiotics, brewing drugs, and legal marijuana. In order to improve the working efficiency of the packaging machine, we have developed the multilane stick packing machine for rod bags. These packaging machines can set the number of packaging channels and the production speed of the packaging machine per minute according to the needs. In addition, we can also provide sawtooth tear opening of rod bag, static elimination and indentation design of packaging bag, so that you can make your own packaging design for your own brand.

How About Multilane Packaging Machines For Stick Pack Working?