NEWIDEAPACK packaging machine quality management

From the first day the company was founded, we have taken the product quality management system as the core of enterprise development. Constantly emphasize the importance of product quality to the development of our enterprise. Efforts to provide customers with high stability and cost-effective products and services are the cornerstones of our quality management system.

Quality management

Newidea machinery is a world-renowned brand in the field of innovative, efficient and high-quality flexible packaging. For many years, it has been committed to providing flexible packaging solutions with the highest quality requirements for more than 1100 customers in 65 countries around the world.

Before we provide solutions for our clients, we will carefully think about the clients’ requirements about machines. In order to guarantee the quality of the machine, we will strictly control and supervise the whole producing process.

How we do?



1. Adjust the structure of the machine based on the layout of the factory.

2. Customize the machine based on the feature of  the  packaging material.

3. Maintain the machines based on the production  environment 

4. Meet the needs of every client with our rich experience in designing.

spare parts control

Spare Parts Control

1. Strict inspection on every spare parts.
To ensure the stability of the machine, the spare parts will be strictly test in accordance with ISO 9001 requirement, and the vulnerable spare parts will be offered for free along with the machine.

2. World well known brand
Both the electrical component and pneumatic devices are  world-famous brands, like Siemens, Schneider, and Panasonic which can ensure the stability and versatility of the machine, and it’s also convenient for the customer to purchases in local.

3. Adjust the machine base on the local climate. 
In cold areas, high-power heating rods are used to ensure the stability of sealing of the packaging materials. 

packaging machine quality management

Strict Production Quality Management System

1. We have passed the ISO 9001 quality management system, and carries out the production in strict accordance with SOP

2. We have applied for CE certification to ensure all equipment meets international standards.

3. The company guarantees the specific requirement in specific countries through SGS, TUV, and SASO.

4. Strict quality inspection of spare parts and overall unit to ensure quality before and during production.


Strict Machine Test

1. Strict structure test of sealing block, continuous test of machine linkage structure, continuous test of Cylinder.

2. Strict electrical test, including the stability of sensor data, the durability of temperature control table, heating rods, and the overload capacity test of servo motors.

3. Strict individual parts testing, including time of sealing parts, pressure test and temperature test to ensure the stability and effectiveness of packaging film sealing.
. Strict running test, including record and set  various parameters. There are 7*24 continuous test with material and film. As a result, the machine can be ready after being assembled.


Strict Equipment transportation Care

1. We buy the insurance for the equipment in case damages happen during transportation.

2. High-quality six-layer wooden boxes are used to hold the machines to avoid damage caused by forklifts and lifting equipment during the transportation.
. Apply Anti-rust il to the whole machine to prevent the humid gas from damaging the equipment due to different temperatures
4. Before the machine is shipped, whole machine will be wrapped with stretch film to protect the machine from being damaged by water during transportation.