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Tianjin Newidea Machinery Co., Ltd is the China’s first 15-day Delivery packaging machine manufacturer, with no middleman, you can always rely on our stable team.





Here's The Problem

It’s easy to buy a packaging machines.

But it’s really suitable for you? Is it to reach your product, your bag, and your profit? Also, there’s no quality guarantee and lifetime support.

No Right Or Wrong Machine, Just Suitable

You talk. We listen. If we’re right for each other, we provide a performance guarantee, and free lifetime support.

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Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine


Imagine That Production Just Soared 1000%, Profits Rose 500%, Headaches Dropped 5,000%, and You Have Forever Free Support.

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Tianjin Newidea Machinery Co., Ltd. is China’s first 15-Day Delivery Packaging Machine Factory, with no middleman; you can always rely on our stable team.

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