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Flexible Packaging machinery manufacturer

Welcome to Newidea Pack. In the field of flexible packaging technology, we are your reliable partner. As a packaging machinery manufacturer, we have 15 years of professional experience, and our products are exported to more than 80 countries worldwide, serving more than 500 customers.

Our vision: to provide our customers with safe, eco-friendly, flexible and efficient packaging solutions. Whether you need individual machines, automatic packaging lines or support services: we will provide you with tailor-made solutions according to your requirements.


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When it comes to purchasing decisions, it’s the recommendations of other people, our peers in particular, that has the greatest influence on us.


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As an industry leader , Reliable Packaging Solutions continues to meet and exceed its one primary goal; providing customers with the best solutions for bringing products to market professionally and at the lowest possible cost.


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We have fifteen years of manufacturing experience in the field of flexible packaging machinery and currently have over 50 employees on staff, exporting to 80 countries worldwide and serving over 500 customers.

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