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Leading Flexible Packaging Machinery Manufacturer in china

Established in 2008, Tianjin Newidea Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of flexible packaging machinery that integrates R&D, production and sales.

We provide innovative and reliable packaging solutions for coffee, tea, solid beverage, pharmaceutical and health food industries. Safety, environmental protection, efficiency and flexibility are our responsibilities and pursuits.

Over the past 15 years since its establishment, Newidea Packaging has won the praise of domestic and foreign customers with its continuous investment in R&D, rigorous manufacturing process and perfect after-sales support. Now we have successfully exported to more than 80 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 500 customers in China and abroad, and established distributor networks in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central and North America, and Southeast Asia, and the responsibility of Zhongyi staff conveys the value concept of “integrity, technical expertise, profitability and innovation”. With the continuous refinement of production technology and the growing team, the future of Zhongyi Packaging will usher in more opportunities and move forward on the road of continuous growth.


It is best to speak with facts

We have fifteen years of manufacturing experience in the field of flexible packaging machinery and currently have over 50 employees on staff, exporting to 80 countries worldwide and serving over 500 customers.

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Focus Topics

that shape the packaging industry of the future

Sustainability, Efficiency, Safety, Flexibility: Each of these are focus topics that shape the packaging industry of the future. 



Our machines and services stand for reliability.

Continuity and stability of production are essential, and we always deliver the quality you need. We are always focused on your goals: efficiency, quality and delivery performance.



Sustainability is our vision.

Our mission is to provide energy efficient and effective packaging technology and equipment. We do this through machine applications and innovative packaging.



Flexibility is the key to staying ahead of the competition.

Changing consumer demands are rapidly changing industries, and whether you’re buying individual machines, complete lines or individual customization, we have the flexibility to meet them all!



Fast time-to-market requires lean processes.

Our technology and services help you respond quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions.

It’s in our deep belief that, a machine should not only be a cold machine.

A good packing machine should be a good partner that assists human work in the packaging industry. That’s why at Newidea , everyone pursues excellence in details to make can packaging machines that you can work with without any friction.

For this purpose, our engineers insist on assembling every can filling and sealing machine by hand to bring maximum precision & efficiency you specific application need in production.

We believe that the future trends of the can filler and seamer machine are becoming simpler & smarter.

At NDP, we’re working towards it. Developing canning machines with a simpler design, a higher degree of automation, and lower maintenance is the goal we’ve been striving for.

We hope that with NDP, you can really free your hands & streamline your can packaging production.

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