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Leading Flexible Packaging Machinery Manufacturer in china

The Chinese idiom “Ten years to sharpen a sword” best describes NEWIDEA PACK’s attitude and determination to produce high quality flexible packaging machines.

NEWIDEA PACK was founded in 2008 by Mr. Frank who graduated from Nankai University in China. NEWIDEA PACK started out as a trading company providing packaging machine solutions to customers. After three years of development, more and more customers became the partners of NEWIDEA PACK. The founder realized that to provide customers with stable quality machines and perfect after-sales service, we had to form our own technical team, and then the company had its first factory in 2011.

Since 2011, NEWIDEA PACK has been dedicated to R&D and production of reliable , efficient , intelligent and eco-friendly flexible packaging machines with a new attitude.We exchange with lots of experts and engineers from all over the world. Our emphasis on R&D impressed Fabrio, a famous packaging machinery designer, who became our chief designer in 2014, bringing us advanced design concepts of world-class packaging machines . We jointly developing and upgrading several packaging machines, and we are also committed to the coffee industry and the open-mouth bag packaging field, providing packaging solutions and equipment technical support for customers, forming our core competence in the packaging machine industry.

So far our packaging machines include: Tea & coffee packaging machines, pre-made bag packaging machines,VFFS packaging machines, multi-lane packaging machines,open mouth bag packaging machines, robotic automatic palletizing equipment,automatic cartoning machine and other packaging production lines, and NEWIDEA PACK has established two production bases in Tianjin and Anhui to serve global customers.

We provide our customers with more than just high quality machines and perfect service. We pay more attention to customers’ application scenarios and customize solutions to meet your packaging needs. NEWIDEA PACK also establishes files for each customer, continuously escorting the stable production of customers, improving customer satisfaction, helping customers to expand the market and achieving win-win cooperation.



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Packaging is an important part of the production process.The continuity and stability of packaging is crucial.

NEWIDEA PACK packaging machines, which are rigorously tested and proven to maintain stable packaging speed, accuracy and results over long periods of operation, can automatically detect and correct errors in the packaging process, avoid wasting raw materials, are easy to operate and maintain, and reduce maintenance costs and downtime.



An efficient packaging machine can improve productivity and reduce costs.

NEWIDEA PACK packaging machines are equipped with famous brands electrical configuration , which can guarantee high speed operation while running stably. Equipped with fully automatic loading system, weighing system, finished product output and palletizing system, it can complete the packing task with high efficiency and quality, helping you to occupy the market quickly.



Intelligent packaging machines help you achieve intelligent production management.

NEWIDEA PACK packaging machines, with multi-lingual human-machine interface, are easy to operate, with one-touch switching of packaging recipes; automatic diagnosis of faults and alarms to reduce wastage; with remote monitoring and control capabilities, real-time collection and analysis of production data; minimizing manpower; allowing you to manage production with ease.



Eco-Friendly packaging machines are in line with the trend of sustainable development.

NEWIDEA PACK packaging machine adopts advanced energy-saving technology and environmentally friendly design, which can reduce energy consumption and waste emission; it is suitable for packaging biodegradable packaging materials and recyclable material packaging materials, which meets the environmental requirements of modern enterprises.

Quality is our life

NEWIDEA PACK provides customers with safe, reliable and high quality packaging machines,provides considerate services simultaneously .Let customers enjoy an experience beyond their expectations which won the trust of customers and long-term strategic cooperation.

Innovation is our future

NEWIDEA PACK always keep continuously developing and innovating, combining customer feedback and market demand, old products are constantly upgraded and new products are emerging, creating value for our customers and winning praise from them. We will keep pace with the times and bring new packaging experience to our customers.

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