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Are you looking for coffee packaging machine?

Newidea Pack Packaging Machine offers a wide range of machines providing numerous solutions for your coffee packaging needs. We offer for coffee packaging machine various bag size.

Meet your various coffee packaging needs

Whether you want to package coffee beans, coffee powder, or drip bag coffee, we can provide the right packaging machinery.

Packaging Machines for Coffee industry

ND-C80E Automatic Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

ND-C80E is our latest generation of intelligent inner drip coffee bag and outer bag packaging machine. Integrating advanced industrial automation concepts of domestic and abroad, designed according to the international first-class brand standards, independent research and development, obtained a number of invention and innovation patents. Compared to the previous generation, we have made a lot of upgrades on the materials and control system, the data monitor is more complete, the design is more humanization.

  • Packing Speed: 50-60 bags/min
  • Filling Range: 8-12g
  • Inner bag size: 90*75mm
  • Outer bag size: 100*125mm

ND-C60S Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

ND-C60S is an intelligent ultrasonic sealing packaging machine for drip coffee bag, drip tea bag, flat bag with tag and string, filter bag. Different packaging materials can be selected according to your requirements.

  • Packing Speed: 50-60 bags/min
  • Filling Range: 8-12g
  • Inner bag size: 90*75mm


VFC250TB is suitable for quad seal bag, with a beautiful appearance and more attractive to consumers. Widely used in the coffee beans coffee powder,snack food , pet food , biscuits and other products.

Especially with the addition of the one way exhaust valve function, the fquad seal bag type has become the preferred bag type for packaging coffee beans and coffee powder.

  • Max Speed: 50 bags/min
  • Filling Range: 3000ml(Max)
  • Bag Size: Min Size 80 mm*80 mm;Max Size 200 mm*400 mm


ND-P300 pre-made bag packaging machine is widely used for packaging coffee beans, coffee powder, biscuits, dried fruits and other foods. Self-standing bags, M-shaped bags, four sides sealing bags, zippered bags, bag with breathable valve bag and other kind of pre-made bags can be packed to meet the diversified needs of customers.

  • Packing Speed: 10-15 bags/min
  • Filling Range: 5-1500g
  • bag size: 80mm≤W≤300mm;100mm≤L≤300mm
  • Voltage: 220V, Single-phase, 50/60HZ,1.2KW

ND-S600 Multilane Packaging Machine For Stick Pack

The ND-S600 series of Multilane packaging machines, developed by our chief Italian designer, have reached the top international standards in terms of mechanical structure, electrical component configuration, and production technology. Let customers to use a high-performance, cost-effective, stable and reliable multi-lane packaging machine.
This series of packaging machines are suitable for packaging stick bag for instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee, and other medical, food, health care products, solid beverage industry.

  • Max Speed: 108 bags/min
  • Lane number: 2/4/6/10 lanes
  • Bag Size: Min Size 40mm*20mm;Max Size180mm*30mm

bag types options for coffee packaging

Don’t overlook the importance of your coffee bags. Your choice of packaging will affect the coffee’s freshness, your own efficiency in operations, how your product stands out (or not!) on the shelves, and how your brand is positioned.It’s a powerful tool for your business.

There’s a lot to consider when selecting your coffee packaging: cost, operations, durability, presentation and branding, sustainability, valves, resealability, supplier, and more. But the most important thing to do is research your options, understand what your company needs, and select the packaging that best suits your goals.

Our packaging equipment supports a variety of coffee packaging bag types.

applications & samples for coffee packaging

NEWIDEA PACK provides verious coffee package packing solutions which are populared in the market, with unique coffee preservation technology make sure your coffee products have a long shelflife.

Frequently asked questions

To choose a suitable packaging machine model or a coffee industry packaging solution, it is divided into the following steps:
1. What kind of bag type? This determines what kind of host you need.
2. What are the physical properties of the material? This determines what kind of blanking system you need.
3. The weight of the product? This will determine the specific packaging machine model for you.

Vertical packaging machines are usually used to pack common packaging types such as pillow bags and gusset bags. The weight can be satisfied from several grams to several kilograms, and both coffee beans and coffee powder can be packaged with this model.

The filter paper bag packaging machine and drip coffee bag packaging machines are specially developed for the packaging needs of this high-end coffee product. Not only can the bag be drunk immediately, but also the original flavor of the coffee can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

A one-way breather valve is installed on the packaging bag, which not only allows the carbon dioxide of the coffee beans to be discharged outside the bag, but also prevents air from entering the bag. In this way, it can be stored for a long time while ensuring the flavor and taste of the coffee to the utmost extent.

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