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fast delivery

Every time the goods are delivered, we are very careful.

Because customers are like children waiting for Santa’s gifts on Christmas Eve, their hearts are always full of expectations and desires!

So our attitude towards the delivery of goods is only three words: safe, fast and timely!

Quick Responses To your need

  • We are proud to offer 24/7 service to all our customers.
  • We adopt Internet Customer Information Management System to identify customers for us and inform our salesperson.
  • We have a set of procedure to handle orders to make it easy for customers to place order.

Adequate stock of spare parts

  • We have sufficient stock of components and spare parts for all kinds of machines.
  • We develop packaging machines using common parts.
  • We have a reliable SCM system to meet customers’ need for special parts.
  • Choose world-known electrical parts and pneumatic components, such as Siemens and Schneider, to make it convenient for customers to repair the machine and improve efficiency.