ND-S600 Multilane Packaging Machine For Stick Pack

The ND-S600 series of Multilane stick pack packaging machines, developed by our chief Italian designer, have reached the top international standards in terms of mechanical structure, electrical component configuration, and production technology. Let customers to use a high-performance, cost-effective, stable and reliable multi-lane packaging machine.
This series of packaging machines are suitable for packaging stick bag for instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee, and other medical, food, health care products, solid beverage industry.

  • Max Speed: 108 bags/min
  • Lane number: 2/4/6/10 lanes
  • Bag Size: Min Size 40mm*20mm;Max Size180mm*30mm
Feature Of Multilane Packaging Machine For Stick Pack ND-S600

1.With high automation level , from feeding, filling, forming, sealing, printing and cutting is completed automatically.        

2.According to the characteristics of the products, it can be matched with different measuring

3.equipment to ensure accurate measurement.

4.Full servo stretch film sealing, stable and reliable packaging speed. At the same time, the tension balance during the film stretching process is maintained to ensure that the packaging materials of different thicknesses and materials are not deformed.

5.The machine adopts modular design, which is convenient for daily maintenance and cleaning.

6.The photoelectric sensor is used to automatically measure the bag length to ensure accurate and stable bag length.

7.Bag cutting methods are optional: flat cutting, tooth cutting, round corner cutting, and special bag cutting.

2Lane number2/4/6/10 lanes
3Packing speed5-30ml
4Accuracy± 1%~2%
5Speed80-180bags/min (depending on material properties and loading)
6Film width600mm
7Bag width20mm-30mm(Other dimension custom design)
88Bag length40mm-180mm(Other dimension custom design)
9Packaging film70μm-90μm, PE+AL+PETE
10Code typeRibbon code printer/Heat transfer code/laser code
11Power220V/50HZ single-phase
12Air supply0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
13Gas Consumption>1m³/min

Bag type: Stick pack (with flat corners, rounded corners, special-shaped edges and other sealing forms for customers option)

Packaging materials: Aluminized film, paper-plastic film, and other laminated film.

lean more about stick pack

bag shape options

Tear notch

Pour spout

Various cut types


Various seal shapes

Automatic Multilane Paste Packaging Machine is widely suitable for food, medicine, chemical industry. You can choose our paste goods production lines to upgrade your productivity of high automation. Our Automatic Multilane Paste Packaging Machine is simple to install, modify, clean. A stable pouch packaging machine to fill and seal your paste products efficiently and low-noise will guarantee your production of reliable quality.

1、Check whether the longitudinal sealing block is stuck with the roll film, and clean the longitudinal sealing block.
2、Check whether the belt is slippery, clean the surface of the belt with a damp cloth
3、More solution you cancontact us for assistant

1、Check if the horizontal seal block is stuck, clean the sealing surface of the horizontal seal block
2、Check whether the material is clamped, and adjust the blanking time through the parameter setting

Properly extend the horizontal sealing delay in the parameter setting.

More solution you can contact us for assistant

Detailed difference of each item, please click here to read more.

If you want to preserve the flavor of coffee to the greatest extent, let your customers have the wonderful experience of high-quality coffee, choosing pure non-woven material is the best choice. For packaging drip coffee bag with pure non-woven material, must choose ultrasonic sealing packaging machine.

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