Tea packaging machine with inner and outer bag ND-T2C

T2C is a single chamber bag for tea and herbs packing with string and tag at speed of up to 45bags per minute, inner bag and envelope bag can be made one time automatically. It is perfect for tea and herbs, bring reliability for stable products.
Inner bag use filter paper film, three sides sealing with gusset option, heat sealed, with string and tag.
Envelope bag is option for customer selection, using composite film, three sides sealing, inner bag is put into our bag by pneumatic machine hand. Envelop bag length can be set through PLC. Continuous bags and counting function can be also set on PLC.
If envelope bag isn’t necessary, our T2A can make only inner bag without envelope bag.
If string and tag isn’t required, our T2B can make an inner bag without string and tag but with envelope together.

  • Max Speed: 50 bags/min
  • Inner Bag Size: Min 50*50mm Max 80*80mm
  • Outer Bag Size: Min75*70 mm Max120*100mm

1. Touchable operate screen, Chinese and English interface, easy to operate.
2. Automatic weighting & feeding—Volume cup, volume adjustable, with high accurate and speed.
3. Automatic bagging for inner filter bag and outer bag with tag and string.
4. Affordable and high effective
5. Compacting structure, small floor space.

1Inner Bag sizeMax 80x80mm(3.15”x3.15”)
Min 50x50mm(1.97”x1.97”)
2Envelope Bag sizeMax 120x100mm(4.72”x3.94”)
Min 75x70mm(2.95”x2.76”)
3Tag size20X20mm(0.79”x0.79”)
4Thread lengthMax 170mm(6.69”)
5Packing speed30-45 bags/min
6Filling range2-5g
7Air pressure0.65mpa
8Air consumption0.5m3/min
9Voltage power1-Phase 220V, 50Hz, 1.6Kw
10Machine weight400kgs
11Machine dimension1700x900x700mm (L*W*H)

This model T2C is suitable for packing black tea, green tea, herbal tea, diet tea, health team, medicine tea, herb beverage, etc.
The inner bag is 3 side sealing bags with gusset, filter paper material, automatically packed with string and tag. The outer bag is 3 side sealing bags with composite film or paper-plastic composite film.

1、Check whether the longitudinal sealing block is stuck with the roll film, and clean the longitudinal sealing block.
2、Check whether the belt is slippery, clean the surface of the belt with a damp cloth
3、More solution you can contact us for assistant

1、Check if the horizontal seal block is stuck, clean the sealing surface of the horizontal seal block
2、Check whether the material is clamped, and adjust the blanking time through the parameter setting

Properly extend the horizontal sealing delay in the parameter setting.

More solution you can contact us for assistant

Detailed difference of each item, please click here to read more.

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