Newideapack Ultrasonic Tea Bag Packaging Machine ND-C60E

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to health, and tea has become the main choice of people’s health products. Ultrasonic sealing packinr machine model C60 is our new pyramid tea bag packing machine, and it could use the non-woven fabrics and nylon filter fabric to produce pyramid bags which have good previousness and perspectivity. It is suitable for automatically packing of steeping products such as fragmental tea, medicinal tea, herb tea, black tea, green tea etc. And it is also used for the pyramid bag or flat bag packing of food spice whose taste exudes through bags.

  • Max Speed: 60 bags/min
  • Length of Pyramid Bag: 50-80mm
  • Filling Range: 1.5g-10g

Ultrasonic sealing The ultrasonic sealing seam is narrow and almost a line, which effectively saves film costs. In addition, it does not cause the film to stick to the sealing block, thereby reducing the downtime of the device and greatly increasing the production speed. Finally, ultrasonic sealing technology does not require temperature, thus avoiding the effects on the taste of the product. Smooth feeding system Adopting the principle of magnetic vibration, the vibration intensity is strong, and the feeding is smoother. Easy to carry The machine has four swivel wheels, so the machinery is easy to carry. NO film, no material, alarm sounds Automatic weighting, filling, baggingace.

2Output60 bags/min for just inner bag
around 20-40 bags/min for inner and outer envelop
3Length of pyramid bag50-80mm
4Filling range1.5-10g
5Width of material’s roll120,140,160mm
6Power supply220V AC, 50HZ, 1.2KW
7Air Pressure0.6 MPA
8Air consumption200 L/min
9Machine dimension980*880*1980mm(L*W*H)

Pyramid tea bag is a new type of packaging bag of tea. It uses pet mesh, nylon mesh or degradable corn fiber as packing film, and realizes a non heat sealing and beautiful packaging way of tea through ultrasonic sealing technology.
Compared with other packaging materials, this kind of packaging material has visual penetrability. Consumers can directly see the internal tea material, and can see the quality of tea at a glance. Therefore, this tea bag is more suitable for flower tea, herbal tea and fruit tea with various formulas, which can give consumers visual impact. At the same time, the mesh structure also makes this kind of tea bag have ultra-high penetrability. Through 5 minutes of brewing, a cup of tea with bright color and mellow taste will make your products beat all competitors in color, taste and quality. Therefore, this kind of pyramid tea bag can confidently show the quality of tea to consumers, which is suitable for the higher end consumer groups.

1、Check whether the longitudinal sealing block is stuck with the roll film, and clean the longitudinal sealing block.
2、Check whether the belt is slippery, clean the surface of the belt with a damp cloth
3、More solution you can contact us for assistant

1、Check if the horizontal seal block is stuck, clean the sealing surface of the horizontal seal block
2、Check whether the material is clamped, and adjust the blanking time through the parameter setting

Properly extend the horizontal sealing delay in the parameter setting.

More solution you can contact us for assistant

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If you want to preserve the flavor of coffee to the greatest extent, let your customers have the wonderful experience of high-quality coffee, choosing pure non-woven material is the best choice. For packaging drip coffee bag with pure non-woven material, must choose ultrasonic sealing packaging machine.

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