ND-C80E Automatic Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

ND-C80E is our latest generation of intelligent inner drip coffee bag and outer bag packaging machine. Integrating advanced industrial automation concepts of domestic and abroad, designed according to the international first-class brand standards, independent research and development, obtained a number of invention and innovation patents. Compared to the previous generation, we have made a lot of upgrades on the materials and control system, the data monitor is more complete, the design is more humanization.

  • Packing Speed: 50-60 bags/min
  • Filling Range: 8-12g
  • Inner bag size: 90*75mm
  • Outer bag size: 100*125mm
Feature Of Drip Bag Coffee Packaging Machine

1. The machine can complete bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting, printing QR code, nitrogen filling function and other functions.

2. The machine structure is open type, convenient for debugging,  monitoring, clean, and man-machine interface operation.

3. Adopt Mitsubishi PLC, multi-language touch screen controlling, main power by servo system, easy operation, high efficiency.

4. In Strict detection, the equipment will stop under the conditions of no material, empty inner bag, empty outer bag, no film, insufficient air pressure, temperature deviation and so on, to greatly reduce the output of defective products.

5. The inner bag length is driven by a servo motor, positioning is accurate ,and the bag length is stable.

6. The outer bag adopts the form of servo motor pulling film, which is more smooth and fast than the traditional pulling film wheel type. Shaper using five axes machining center precision processing, can be applied to most of the different material film, and the production of bag smooth natural, no pull marks, wrinkles and other defects.

7. Independent inner bag production mode, can realize one machine multi-purpose, users can according to the needs of the production of lug inner bag, filter paper inner bag, inner and outer bag three different types of products.

8. The feeding system of this machine has the advantages of simple adjustment, high measuring accuracy, and easy to clean, which effectively solves the cleaning problem caused by frequent replacement of materials in the production process

2Packing Speed50-60 bags/min
3Filling Range8-12g
4Inner bag size90mm(W)*75mm(L) or 100mm(W)*85mm(L)
5Outer bag size100mm(W)*125mm(L) or 110mm(W)*135mm(L)
6Sealing MethodFull ultrasonic sealing for inner
Heat sealing for envelope
7Air Pressure0.6 mpa
8Total power220V 50-60HZ 3.5KW
Equipment configuration
2Packing Speed60 bags/min
3Filling Range6-12g ground coffee, 1.5-10g tea
4Bag Size75mm*90mm
5Air Consumption0.6Mpa,0.2m³/min
6Sealing MethodUltrasonic Sealing
7Voltage/Power0.6 mpa
8Air consumption200 L/min
9Machine dimension1183*75*1648mm
outline Diagram

Inner bag: Drip coffee bag,drip tea bag, flat bag with or without tag and thread.

Inner bag packaging material:Can made of non-woven fabric, PET mesh, corn fiber environmental protection material,etc.

Outer envelope: Three-side sealing(a variety of easy tear are available)

Outer envelope packaging material: Aluminized film, pure aluminum laminated film, Kraft paper laminated film, etc. are available.

ND-C80E drip coffee packaging machine can pack drip coffee bag with outer envelope with nitrogen filling to extend the shelf life. This makes it possible for some cafes and ground coffee manufacturers to sell more coffee around the world.

The machine is easy to operate and has stable performance, with an output of about 3,600 packs per hour. It is suitable for the needs of coffee roasting factories and coffee OEM factories.

Please find our customer cases by click link:https://www.newideapack.com/accompany-the-growth-of-customers-reflecting-the-value-of-products/

Inner drip bag is ultrasonic sealing, outer bag is heat sealing.

  1. Different packaging materials.
  2.  The sealing principle is different.
  3.  The edge banding is different.
  4.  The packaging machine is different.

Detailed difference of each item, please click here to read more.

If you want to preserve the flavor of coffee to the greatest extent, let your customers have the wonderful experience of high-quality coffee, choosing pure non-woven material is the best choice. For packaging drip coffee bag with pure non-woven material, must choose ultrasonic sealing packaging machine.

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