NPA-180 25-50kg Powder Automatic Bagging Machine

Model NPA-180 bagging machine is an automatic bagging machine for 25-50kg powder quantitative packing, with automatic weighting,filling , bagging, and sealing system. It can be equipped with detecting equipment and robot palletizing system, realize intelligent,integrated,high efficiency,full automatic production.

  • Max Speed: 180 bph
  • Min Size: 800mm*500mm(Other sizes can be customized)
  • Max Size:1000mm*600mm(Other sizes can be customized)
Feature Of 25-50kg Powder Automatic Bagging Machine NPA-180

1.The process of weighing, bagging, bag opening, feeding and bag sewing is fully automated.

2.Suitable for laminated woven , non laminated woven (with PE liner inside), kraft paper (with PE liner inside), PE, flat or gusseted open mouth bags.

3.Adopt vertical spiral feeding to minimize dust raising.

4.The second station can be equipped with filter rod extraction mechanism to effectively remove the gas in the material.

5.Bag holding mechanism is equipped with exhaust device to effectively discharge gas from the bag mouth.

6.The packing machine is equipped with dust removal ports in many places to avoid raising dust.

7.With automatic fault alarm function, according to the fault prompt can be quickly eliminated.

8.Customize the 25kg-50kg packaging line according your factory scene and individual requirements.

9.It can equip with other related machines ,like metal checker, weight checker,labeling , palletizing,finished pallet wrapping machine and so on.When the packaging line running no need worker at the scene, save cost to the greatest extent.

2Packing weight25kg-50kg
3Packing speed120-180bags/hour
4Weighting accuracy± 0.1%~0.2%
5Bag size(L*W)800mm-1000mm(L)×500mm-600mm(W)(Other sizes can be customized)
6 Environment temperature0~40℃
7Voltage power/ FrequencyAC380V 50Hz,10KW
8Air requirement0.4-0.7MPa,22Nm3/h
9Machine dimension

Suitable for laminated woven , non laminated woven (with PE liner inside), kraft paper (with PE liner inside), PE, flat or gusseted open mouth bags.

Related bag types

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Model NPA-180Suitable for quantitative packing 25-50kg of fine powdered materials containing gas in food, food additives, pharmaceuticals, chemical and other industry.

The suction cup is cracked Solution 1: Replace in time

Photoelectric did not catch the reflector Solution: Clean up photoelectric dust

The speed of the conveyor belt is not synchronized with the stand-up bag conveyor Solution: Adjust the frequency converter of the nip shaping machine

The conveyor belt is stretched Solution: Adjust the belt tension of the driven belt wheel to a proper degree

Detailed difference of each item, please click here to read more.

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