ND-VFC250TB Quad Seal Bag Packaging Machine

VFC250TB is suitable for quad seal bag, with a beautiful appearance and more attractive to consumers. Widely used in the coffee beans coffee powder,snack food , pet food , biscuits and other products.

Especially with the addition of the one way exhaust valve function, the fquad seal bag type has become the preferred bag type for packaging coffee beans and coffee powder.

  • Max Speed: 50 bags/min
  • Filling range: 3000ml(Max)
  • Bag Size: Min Size 80 mm*80 mm;Max Size 200 mm*400 mm

1.The quad seal bag is more attractive to consumers than other ordinary packaging bags, with an outstanding appearance that can stimulate consumers’ desire to buy.

2.This machine has a beautiful appearance, transparent and clear safety door, which improves the overall style of the packaging machine. It not only allows users to see the internal structure, but also more convenient to operate.

3.Adopt 6 independent temperature control systems to control the temperature of 4 vertical seals and 2 horizontal seals respectively. The temperature can be set according to different packaging materials to ensure the beautiful and firm sealing of the bag.

4.Electrical components adopt French Schneider or Japanese Mitsubishi, including PLC, relay and touch screen, etc. The independent temperature control system adopts Omron (Japan Omron), and the pneumatic control system adopts SMC (Japan).

5.Low failure rate, high efficiency and stability, safe production for more than 15 years.

6.The machine structure is convenient for maintenance and cleaning.

2Bag width80-200mm
3Bag length80-400mm
4Max speed50 bags/minute
5Max width of roll film520mm
6Bag gusset width10-50mm
7Sealing width5-10mm
8Filling range3000ml(Max)
9Air Pressure0.65mpa
10Air consumption0.3m3/min
11Voltage power220V/380V,50-60HZ, 2.2Kw
12Machine weight700Kgs
13Package dimension1493x2049x2179mm (L*W*H)
outline daigram

Bag type:Quad seal bag,quad seal bag with one way exhaust valve.

Packaging materials: Aluminized film, paper-plastic composite film and other laminated film.

Related bag types

Degassing valve


Finger grip

Carry handle

Optional function

1.) Leak Proof Valve For Powder
2.) Various Cutting & Sealing
3.) Vacuum Pulling Film
4.) PE Film Sealing Device
5.) Material Support
6.) Finished Bag Support
7.) Gusset Device
8.) Flat Bottom Device
9.) Punch Hole
10.) Nitrogen Gas Filling
11.) Exhaust Air
12.) One Way Degassing Valve

Granules: Coffee beans ,snacks, cereals, nuts,cookies,wafer biscuit,loose tea leaf, frozen food, candy, seeds,veterinary medicine, pet food etc.

Powder: Coffee powder,milk powder, flour, grain powder, starch, seasoning powder, protein powder, vegetable powder, fruit powder, medicine powder etc.


Our powder packaging machines are specifically designed for bagging and container filling products such as flour, salt, sugar, baking mixes, spices and ground coffee.
From premade pouch filling to vertical form fill and seal bagging and container filling, our packaging machines can handle all your free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders.


NEWIDEAPACK’s Vertical Form Fill and Seal machines provide the speed and accuracy required to vertically fill and seal bags of your granules to meet your packaging demands. VFFS Baggers can handle any granular product that requires laminate film structures and polyethylene films. Our granules bagging machines offer a variety of bag styles including gusset bags, pillow bags, doy-style stand-up bags, flat bottom bags as well as a variety of hole punches and tear notches. We are ready to help you decide on the right bagging machine to speed up your production.

1、The position of the roll film can be quickly corrected by the correction device on the touch screen.

2、Check whether the position of the center line of the film roll on the air shaft is in a straight line with the center line of the former. 

3、More solution you can contact us for assistant

1、Properly extend the horizontal sealing delay in the parameter setting.

2、Properly increase the temperature of the corresponding temperature control table.

3、Check whether the material is clamped, and adjust the blanking time through the parameter setting.

More solution you can contact us for assistant

Detailed difference of each item, please click here to read more.

If you want to preserve the flavor of coffee to the greatest extent, let your customers have the wonderful experience of high-quality coffee, choosing pure non-woven material is the best choice. For packaging drip coffee bag with pure non-woven material, must choose ultrasonic sealing packaging machine.

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