The Application Of Nitrogen In Food Packaging.

How to extend the shelf life of food while maintaining the freshness of its products is one of the concerns of food manufacturers. The use of nitrogen in food packaging is one of the most effective ways to slow down food spoilage and increase longevity. This article will outline the application of nitrogen in food packaging.

Application Of Nitrogen In Food Packaging

What role does nitrogen play in food packaging?

1. Extend the shelf life of food.

Many microorganisms need oxygen to grow. The food packaging filled with nitrogen can eliminate the oxygen in the bag, reduce the oxygen, and the basis for the survival of microorganisms is gone. At the same time, N2 is a very inactive substance, most substances will not react with it under normal temperature and pressure, and can retain the original taste of food. Therefore, nitrogen creates a good storage environment for food, extending the freshness and shelf life to the greatest extent.

2. Protect food from being crushed easily.

After filling with nitrogen, the volume of the packaging bag will become larger, so that the food will not be easily crushed. Puffed food packaging is very bulging, because after filling with nitrogen, the volume becomes larger. This can resist external pressure during transportation and ensure that fragile food is crushed.

How to fill nitrogen in the packaging?

There are several ways to fill the packaging bag with nitrogen, and they all need to be combined with the packaging machine.

  1. Through the semi-automatic sealing machine. You can choose a sealing machine with nitrogen filling function. When you put the packed bag into the sealing machine to seal the edge, the sealing machine will automatically flush nitrogen into the bag.
  2. Through the automatic pre-made bag packaging machine. When you use a fully automatic pre-made bag food packaging machine to pack food, the machine will be filled with nitrogen while sealing.
  3. Through the vertical packaging machine. The vertical food packaging machine is a process of fully automatic bag making, blanking, sealing and cutting. Usually, there is a nitrogen pipe on the shaper that goes deep into the shaper pipe and goes directly to the inside of the bag. When the material is unloaded, it will be flushed with nitrogen and then sealed.

How to get food grade nitrogen?

High-quality nitrogen for food packaging can be obtained by one of the following two methods:

  • Purchase canned nitrogen. You need to buy it every time you run out of nitrogen. This situation is suitable for factories with low output and low nitrogen usage.
  • Use a nitrogen generator to produce nitrogen directly connected to the packaging machine. This way of obtaining nitrogen is more convenient and efficient. It is suitable for large-scale food production and saves floor space.

What are the common foods with nitrogen flushing ?

Foods such as potato chips, popcorn, bread, coffee beans, drip bag coffee, marshmallows, and so on are normally packed with nitrogen flushing. The food packaging machine produced by NEWIDEAPACK has the nitrogen filling function. While providing fully automatic food packaging, extends the shelf life of food and maintains the integrity of the product shape.

If you are looking for a packaging machine filled with nitrogen, please contact with our preofessional engineer. We will give you some free packaging machine solutions as soon as possible.