Heat Sealed Drip Bag Coffee VS Ultrasonic Sealed Drip Bag Coffee

Drip bag coffee is packaged with ground coffee powder in a pouch made of non-woven fabric. When drinking, hang the bag on the mouth of the cup and brew it with boiled water. The coffee powder can be thrown away directly, you can add sugar and milk according to the flavor you like. Usually, drip bag coffee will be packaged in a separate outer packaging filled with nitrogen to ensure the fresh flavor of the coffee.

Because the drip bag coffee is convenient to take and you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere, it is more and more popular. There are two kinds of drip bag coffee packaging on the market, one is heat-sealed, and the other is ultrasonically sealed. So what is the difference between heat-sealed drip bag coffee and ultrasonically sealed drip bag coffee?

1. Different packaging materials.

In addition to the non-woven fabric, the heat-sealed drip bag contain other heat-sealing material Pe layers. Ultrasonic is a pure non-woven fabric with no other ingredients and no PE layer. Therefore, ultrasound has better permeability, a purer taste, and is healthier when brewing.

2. The sealing principle is different.

The heat sealing non-woven fabric needs a temperature above 100 degrees to seal the bag. The high temperature will affect the taste of the coffee when sealing the three edges of the bag. The taste of the coffee will be affected at a temperature above 45 degrees, so the heat sealing method has a great influence on the quality of the coffee. Ultrasonic sealing non-woven fabric no need temperature, completely retains the original flavor of the coffee.

3. The edge banding is different.

The heat-sealed edge of the drip bag is relatively wide, the space is smaller. Ultrasonic sealed edge just one line <1mm. It reorganizes and integrates the molecules of the edge. The same size bag ultrasonically sealed drip bag can contain more coffee.

4. The packaging machine is different.

The heat-sealed drip coffee bag can be sealed by a heat sealing packaging machine or an ultrasonic sealing packaging machine. The ultrasonically sealed drip coffee bag must be sealed by an ultrasonic sealing packaging machine.

If you want to preserve the flavor of coffee to the greatest extent, and let your customers have the wonderful experience of high-quality coffee, choosing pure non-woven material is the best choice. For packaging drip coffee bags with pure non-woven material must choose an ultrasonic sealing packaging machine.

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