Barbecue charcoal packaging method and packaging machine

When people participate in barbecue dinners, charcoal is an indispensable fuel. When the food is grilled by charcoal, it makes a sizzling sound and exudes a seductive fragrance. The process of barbecue also brought infinite joy to people. In this article, we will not talk too much about barbecue dinners.We will talk about the packaging method of the barbecue charcoal you bought and the choice of packaging machine.

BBQ Barbecue charcoal packaging method

1. There are two types of packaging for barbecue charcoal.

One is a pre-made bag, which is usually a gusset bag or a flat bag. The bag usually adopt kraft paper bag, woven bag, etc., and the sealing is stitched. The second type is roll film made bag, usually is gusset bag or pillow bag. The packaging material is laminated film, and the sealing is heat sealing.

Barbecue charcoal packaging

2. Different weights of barbecue charcoal use different packages.

Usually charcoal is available in packages of 2kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg and more than 10kg. Barbecue charcoal under 5kg can be packaged in a pre-made bag with stitch-sealing, or packaged in a roll film made bag with heat-sealing . Charcoal of more than 10 kg is usually packed in pre-made bag with stitch-sealing.

3. The choice of barbecue charcoal packaging machine

There are two options for the barbecue charcoal packaging machine with pre-made bags. If your output is not large, you can choose a semi-automatic barbecue charcoal packaging machine. It can realize automatic weighing, and the worker puts the bag on the filling tube, and manually places it on the sewing machine to sew the bag. 1-2 manual operation is required. If your output is relatively large, a fully automated charcoal packaging machine is more suitable. It can realize automatic bag loading, automatic weighing, automatic bag sewing, and output. Only one person is required to control the machine, saving labor costs and increasing output.

Barbecue charcoal packaging for roll film bagging requires a vertical packaging machine for packaging. Vertical packaging can be automatically filled, a bag made, bag sealing, and coded. The fully automatic barbecue charcoal packaging solution needs to be equipped with a two-head or multiple-head electronic scale to realize automatic weighing. Equipped with an elevator to lift the charcoal to the electronic scale. When the finished product is exported, a finished product conveyor belt can be equipped. So as to realize fully automated packaging, save labor, and improve efficiency.

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As for which packaging method and packaging machine are more suitable for you, you need to consider the packaging form which is suitable for the local market, consumption habits, and the cost. If you want to know more about how to choose a barbecue charcoal packaging machine, please don’t hesitate to contact NEWIDEAPACK. We will customize the packaging machine to meet your needs.