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Hardware accessories often feature irregular shape, heavy weight, and large quantity. While, electronic items feature static-sensitive and lighter weight. No matter for which case, their production require both reliable packaging and strong protection. In addition, hardware parts and electronic components packaging machines must also be highly accurate in allocating precise products to each bag.

At Newidea, our weighting, filling, sealing solutions to suit your production requests. Despite the packing size, weight, shape, or our packaging machines deliver high accuracy, speed and high performance. Our custom-made design makes the machine easier to maintain in your manufacturing.

If you have any specific packaging request, please contact us for more information.

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    20kg-50kg Bag Packaging Machine                           


Manufacturer Meets Every Need

Whole bean and instant coffee meet different needs. Some customers  love the unique flavor of freshly ground coffee, while others demand  fast, convenient, just-add-water instant coffee. For whole bean coffee, VFFS bag makers are the ideal choice. Viking Masek’s vertical form fill seal packaging machines are capable of making quad seal bags better and cheaper than commercially bought pre-made bags.

Instant coffee should be packaged in a small, easily portable bag for  maximum convenience. Our stick packs are the best way to rapidly  produce the flexible packaging consumers need. If you’re not sure about  the right packaging machine for your needs, Viking Masek is always ready to help.


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