Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry

Health Care And Pharmaceutical Industry

Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the five fastest growing industries in the world. The sales of health food products are growing at a rate of 13% every year.

Stick bag is a very popular bag type chosen by for Health Care and Pharmaceutical Industry manufacturer,as it’s mini and slim shape, easy to take. Such as collagen powder, probiotics, diet powder , meal replacement,nutritional supplement,and other granular , liquid, Jelly products.

Newidea multi lane stick bag packaging machine mainly focus on the hygiene,resource saving, safety,freshness preservation,highest efficient and waste reduction.Our machine can produce attractive good quality package for your products, makes them more easily go to customers shopping chart.With high efficiency stable packing machine makes your products production capacity mach your market demand with lowest cost and fast time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main function of the packaging machine is to free you from heavy physical labor, so that you can easily handle a large number of packaging processes without worrying about quality issues. If your daily output cannot be satisfied by manual packaging, then you need a A fully automatic packaging machine.

To choose a suitable packaging machine model, it is divided into the following steps:
1. What kind of bag type? This determines what kind of host you need.
2. What are the physical properties of the material? This determines what kind of blanking system you need.
3. The weight of the product? This will determine the specific packaging machine model for you.


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