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Newidea machinery has always focused on the field of flexible packaging, covering a wide range in the food industry; our equipment can package a large variety of foods.

Cereals: cereals and their deep-processed foods, such as cereals, desserts, baked goods, pastries, etc.

Meat: all kinds of dried meat, diced meat and processed meat products

Vegetables: freeze-dried vegetables, and various nut foods

Snacks: such as puffed food, various candies, nuts, etc.

Solid beverages: such as tea, coffee, various water-soluble brewed beverages.

Various condiments: including powder, granules, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main function of the packaging machine is to free you from heavy physical labor, so that you can easily handle a large number of packaging processes without worrying about quality issues. If your daily output cannot be satisfied by manual packaging, then you need a A fully automatic packaging machine.

To choose a suitable packaging machine model, it is divided into the following steps:
1. What kind of bag type? This determines what kind of host you need.
2. What are the physical properties of the material? This determines what kind of blanking system you need.
3. The weight of the product? This will determine the specific packaging machine model for you.

Both electronic scales and measuring cups are used to weigh granular materials. The difference is that electronic scales focus on weight data, and measuring cups focus on volume data. If your material requires higher accuracy, you can choose an electronic scale. On the contrary, the measuring cup has a low cost and simple structure, but the accuracy is worse than that of an electronic scale.

Due to the physical properties of powder materials, if electronic scales and measuring cups are used to blank the material, the problem of material leakage cannot be solved, which will cause the bag to be unable to be sealed, so the screw is generally used to blank the material.

It depends on the nature of your materials. Materials of the same nature can be packaged with the same type of packaging machine, and the same bag width can be packaged with the same former. Therefore, unified material properties and packaging specifications can better meet the requirements of one machine for multiple uses in demand.

To determine the size of the bag, you can determine the target weight of your product first, determine its volume based on the rated weight of the product, and then based on the volume data, we can provide you with the bag specifications that you are satisfied with.Then we can recommended to you the model that suits you.

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