Tea Industry

Tea Industry

Tea is one of the three largest beverages in the world.With Natural and fresh tea fragrance,it is a very popular product  in almost every country. TIANJIN NEWIDEA provide diverse tea packaging machines for packing different tea,like black tea , green tea , herbal tea, Scented tea,diet tea,health care tea,medicine tea,herb beverage,etc.

Our tea packaging machine series is designed with the resource saving, safety,freshness preservation,highest efficient and waste reduction as some of their most important features. These are the most valued for tea manufacturers care about.

We have comprehensive tea packaging machine series include 3 sides sealing filter bag with tag and string,triangle bag, flat bag, double chamber bag, and outer envelope,boxes,etc.Just explore for the machine you would like and contact with us.

Tea Bag Packing Videos

How to Package Tea Into Triangle bag or flat Bag

How to Package Tea with Inner And Envelop Bag

How to Package Tea Bag With Gusset Bag

How to Put The Tea Bag Into a Box

Tea Packaging Machines

tea bag packaging machine                 drip coffee bag making machine                                                                            

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Frequently Asked Questions

The main function of the tea packaging machine is to free you from heavy physical labor, so that you can easily handle many tea packaging processes without worrying about quality issues. If your daily output cannot be satisfied by labor, then you need a A fully automatic tea  packaging machine.

To choose a suitable packaging machine model, it is divided into the following steps:
1. What kind of bag type? This determines what kind of host you need.
2. What kind of feeding system do i need? This will determine your packaging accuracy.

Vertical packaging machines are usually used to pack common packaging types such as pillow bags and guests bags. The weight can be satisfied from several grams to several kilograms, and tea can be packaged with this model.

The pyramid tea bag packaging machine and inner and outter bag packaging machines are specially developed for the packaging needs of this high-end tea product. Not only can the bag be drink immediately, but also the original flavor of the tea can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

 The triangular bag packaging machine can realize the production of flat bags by adjusting the machine setting parameters.


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