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Animal Feed Industry

With the enrichment of our material life, we pay more attention to spiritual and emotional self-care, so more and more friends choose a variety of pets as our life partners, such as various birds, amphibians, reptiles, Fish and various mammals.Newidea machinery has extensive packaging experience in pet food, pet nutrition, and pet health products.Developed packaging equipment for granules, powders, liquids and pastes.
In addition, Newidea machinery also has rich experience in various animal feed products and feed additives products in the field of animal husbandry.

The animal feed packaging industry is a challenging industry, our animal feed packaging machines have huge advantages in large packaging, large portion feed packaging. With this, our packaging machines are very popular with farmers.

Animal Feeds Packaging Machine Videos

How to pack 25-50 kg animal feeds bag

How to pack 25 kg for animal feeds

Animal Feeds Packaging Machines


Our animal feed packaging machines can be adapted to a wide range of different types of packaging bags. Whether it’s lighter weight pet feed or larger animal feed, we can provide you with the perfect solution. The following pictures are part of our most common types of animal feed packaging. If you have any special custom requirements, please contact our professional engineers.

animal feed bag style


Frequently Asked Questions

To choose a suitable packaging machine model, it is divided into the following steps:
1. What kind of bag type? This determines what kind of host you need.
2. What are the physical properties of the material? This determines what kind of blanking system you need.
3. The weight of the product? This will determine the specific packaging machine model for you.

We have two heavy-weight packaging machines for you to choose from, VFC500 and ND-L50AU. The difference between them is that VFC500 uses film roll packaging, while ND-L50AU uses standard-size woven bags or kraft paper bags. VFC500 can pack bags with a maximum volume of 100L. , ND-L50AU can pack up to 50 kg bags.

It depends on the nature of your materials. Materials of the same nature can be packaged with the same type of packaging machine, and the same bag width can be packaged with the same former. Therefore, unified material properties and packaging specifications can better meet the requirements of one machine for multiple uses demand.

To determine the size of the bag, you can determine the target weight of your product first, determine its volume based on the rated weight of the product, and then based on the volume data, we can provide you with the bag specifications that you are satisfied with.Then we can recommended to you the model that suits you.


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