How To Put Sauce Into Sachet

Sachets have always been popular because of their small size, lightweight, and easy portability, especially when you need to go out to work or travel, they can free you from the trouble of carrying bottles and jars. From cosmetics and beauty to the food and bathroom industries, we can see them everywhere. But do you know how the sauce in the sachet is packed into it?

Normally, we use a professional vertical seal packaging machine (VFFS) to fill the sauce into sachets. For some special sauces or sachets, we will use a horizontal seal packaging machine (HFFS) to fill the sauce. It should be noted that sachets do not have a complete bag shape before sauce packaging, they are a roll of film of a specific material.

The whole sauce packaging machine is divided into 2 systems: sauce conveying and film roll forming bag packaging. First of all, in the sauce storage tank, we need to put the sauce to be packaged in advance. Then start the sauce conveying system, and the air compressor cooperates with the screw propeller to transport the sauce to the sauce filling system in batches.

After the sachet forming and sealing system detects that the sauce has been delivered to the position to be packaged, the raw material roll film of the sachet is stretched and conveyed by the roller to the former of the vertical sealing packaging machine through the conveying device. This shaper implementation has been adjusted to the corresponding width according to the size of the sachet.

After passing through the shaper of the vertical seal packaging machine, the raw material roll film of the sachet has been turned into a length and width of a specific size. At this time, the heat sealer is still working, and the side of the roll film is heat-sealed. A long, cylindrical-like packaging bag is formed. The limiter on the packaging machine stretches the sachet bag to be packaged to the corresponding length under the action of the servo motor, and then heat seals the bottom of the sachet bag.

ND-VFC250 PA Vertical Form Filling Sealing Packaging Machine
At this time, the sauce enters the sachet bag through the pipeline through the transmission device to complete the filling of the sauce. After the vertical sealing packaging machine detects that the sauce is packaged according to the preset weight value of a single bag, the horizontal heat sealer still operates to heat seal the upper opening of the sachet. At the same time, the vertical sealing packaging machine transports the heat-sealed sachets down for cutting and bagging and starts a new round of sauce filling and packaging.

Matters needing attention in the sachet filling process

1. Maintain a hygienic working environment

The contents of sachets are often cosmetics, toiletries and even popular foods like ketchup. These products have strict requirements on environmental hygiene. Therefore, when packaging these sauce products, please pay attention to the overall environment of the packaging machine to be clean and hygienic to prevent foreign matter or bacteria from invading and causing the spoilage and deterioration of the sauce.

2. Ensure the accuracy of sauce filling

Because the sauce is relatively viscous, it is not very easy to control the single weight of the sauce to be packaged when packaging. Too little or too much sauce can cause problems in the operation of the packaging machine. It depends on the weighing system of the vertical packaging machine. If you have any questions in this regard, you can communicate with our senior technical engineers and we will give you the answer you want.

3. Improved packaging efficiency means lower production costs

Different vertical packaging machines have great differences in work efficiency when packaging sauces. Typically, vertical seal packers are more efficient than horizontal seal packers. In addition, the multi-channel vertical packaging machine also has better packaging efficiency than the single-channel vertical sealing packaging machine. These efficiency tips can effectively save packaging costs and improve product profit margins.

4. Regular maintenance of packaging machine

The regular maintenance of the packaging machine can effectively prolong the service life of the packaging machine, such as the cleaning of the sauce weighing system, the maintenance of the components of the positioning servo motor, the lubrication of other packaging machine components and so on. In particular, the automatic sauce packaging machine should follow the maintenance manual of the packaging machine manufacturer to do regular maintenance work to avoid the malfunction of the packaging machine.The above is the relevant content of how to put sauces into sachets, if you are interested in sauce packaging machines, or encounter some unsolvable packaging machine operating failures. You are welcome to contact our senior technical engineers, we will provide you with professional answers and recommend a packaging machine that really suits your packaging needs.

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