How To Choose Potato Chips Packaging Machine

What is a potato chip packaging machine ?

A potato chip packaging machine is a kind of food packaging equipment for packaging potato chips, which is widely used in the packaging production of potato chips of various types and sizes. The fully automatic potato chip packaging machine can realize the transportation of the potato chips to be packaged, the forming of the film packaging bag, the packaging of the potato chips, the printing of the production date of the packaging bag, the filling and sealing of nitrogen gas, the statistics of the packaging quantity and the packaging and palletizing of the box body and other functions.

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Features of potato chip packaging machine

1. Long time smooth operation

Potato chips are fragile foods, which are easily impacted by external forces and cause chips to break, which seriously affects the appetite of consumers. Therefore, the potato chips need a quiet and stable packaging environment during the packaging process, so as to avoid the chipping of the potato chips caused by the vibration of the packaging machine. Especially the automatic potato chip packaging machine, the entire potato chip packaging production line is composed of multiple packaging equipment, and a good connection between different packaging equipment can ensure the long-term stable operation of the potato chip packaging machine

2. Potato chips are packed with high efficiency and speed

As a fast-moving snack, the annual consumption of potato chips is an astronomical figure, which proves that the market demand is extremely strong. In addition, the final price of potato chips aside from the factor of brand premium, cost is a very important factor. The faster the better, mass packaging can greatly reduce the waste of potato chips and the generation of substandard products, thereby reducing the packaging cost of potato chips

3. Full computer control to reduce human resource costs

The fully automatic potato chip packaging machine is controlled by multiple WeChat computers, and the simple human-computer interface allows the operator to easily manage the smooth operation of the potato chip packaging machine in all directions. The multi-functional roll film bagging system and prefabricated bag packaging system provide more options for the packaging of potato chips without the need for additional staff. Under the same potato chip packaging efficiency, the fully automatic potato chip packaging machine saves 68.6% of the human resource cost compared with the semi-automatic potato chip packaging machine

4. Variety of packaging bags for potato chips

The automatic potato chip packaging machine can support the following types of potato chips packaging bags: pillow bag; pillow with T Euro hole; Pillow with Euro hole; 4 sides sealed round hole; Three sides sealed; stick bag; Linking bag; Triangle bag; Origuchi bag; Gusset bag. If these potato chip packaging bags can not meet your needs, please contact our senior engineers, we will design the potato chip packaging bags you need for free and provide packaging machine solutions.

How to choose a potato chip packaging machine

1. Determine the type of potato chip bag you really need

As mentioned above, potato chips come in many different forms, and the outer packaging bags of potato chips also come in many different styles. The customization requirements of these packaging bags correspond to different potato chip packaging machine designs. The design of the plastic film former and servo limiter and the sub-core packaging machine components of the bag sealer will be very different, and it is necessary to communicate with the technical personnel of the packaging machine manufacturer in advance.

2. Communicate the packaging efficiency requirements of potato chip packaging machines

The packaging efficiency of the potato chip packaging machine is not as big as possible. In fact, the packaging machine that meets your current potato chip packaging efficiency needs is what you should buy. Considering that the packaging efficiency of potato chips in the future may fluctuate within a certain range, you should choose a potato chip packaging machine that supports flexible adjustment of packaging efficiency

3. Comprehensive consideration of the performance and price of the potato chip packaging machine

Different brands of packaging machines with the same performance have great differences in price. Because a large part of this is caused by the brand premium factor of the packaging machine. But this does not mean that the well-known brand potato chip packaging machine must have stronger packaging efficiency. We recommend that you choose a packaging machine manufacturer that has the ability to provide manufacturing services for well-known brands, because they have no brand premium, but the quality of the potato chip packaging machine produced is the same as the packaging machine of well-known brands

4. Learn about other value-added services that packaging machine manufacturers can provide

The potato chip packaging machine requires certain technical personnel to participate in the installation, use, and maintenance process. Especially when encountering the running failure of the packaging machine, whether you can solve the current problems of the packaging machine in a timely and effective manner is a problem that you cannot ignore. If these value-added services don’t cost you more, then this potato chip packaging machine maker should be taken seriously

If you are interested in potato chip packaging machine or want to purchase a new potato chip packaging machine in the near future, you are welcome to contact our senior technical engineers. We will communicate with you as soon as possible, and answer your questions free of charge and propose relevant potato chip packaging machine solutions.

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