Good service is as important as the quality of the packaging machine

Have you ever experience trouble after purchasing the packaging machine and found that it is difficult to operate, not suitable for your product, or worse, the packaging machine seems to be broken and can’t work, and there is no engineer to make adjustments… You must think that “The quality of this machine is really bad! It was a waste of my money! This packaging machine supplier is a liar!” This is really a very bad experience. But don’t be angry first, is this really the truth?

Please recall whether your supplier has confirmed the following information with you before purchasing this packaging machine:

  1. What product will you pack?
  2. Which package type do you want?
  3. What is the bag dose?
  4. What is the size of the bag?

After ordering the machine, has your supplier manufactured the machine according to your requirements, tested the machine, and then sent the pictures and videos to you?

When you receive the machine, you have many problems to solve. If the supplier provides good after-sales service, these problems can easily be resolved. If there is no good after-sales service, it is indeed a very bad thing.

Good service of packaging machine is very necessary. Whether it is before or after the customer purchases, as well as after-sales and machine maintenance in the future. Good service is as important as the quality of the packaging machine

NEWIDEAPACK is a professional manufacturer of vertical packaging machines. Our aim is to provide customers with high-quality and high-level packaging machines and services. We believe that the packaging machine industry is a service manufacturing industry. For a perfect packaging machine solution and delivery, we will do the following aspects.

Professional pre-sale service. We will confirm the 4 elements of choosing a packaging machine for customers.

1.) What product will you pack? Different products have different properties, like granules, powders, liquids, and sauces. According to the characteristics of different materials, we will match the appropriate weighing system, feeding system, and special functions. If you want to snack, you need a nitrogen gas function, and coffee packaging needs a breather valve device.

2.) Which package type do you want? Common types of packaging include three-side seal, four-side seal, back seal, pin, hot edge bag, and so on. These all determine which machine should be recommended for customers.

3.) What is the bag dose? Each vertical packaging machine has its packaging dosage range, we will confirm with the customer the measurement that the customer wants to pack, so as to provide the correct model.

4.) What is the size of the bag? Each vertical packaging machine has a certain range of packaging bags. When it exceeds this range, it needs to be changed to another model. Therefore, we try our best to let customers provide the bag size. If the customer is a new business, we will help the customer to confirm the bag size based on our experience and testing.

Thoughtful in-sale service

When the customer confirms the order. We will arrange production for customers as soon as possible. A dedicated production team completes the assembly and commissioning. Each of our parts has passed the three-level inspection of quality inspection, assembly, and commissioning personnel. All the machines have passed the CE certification. All electrical accessories adopt top international and domestic quality.

During the production process, we will send photos and machine running videos to customers so that customers can understand the production process and working principles of the machine.

Lifetime after-sales service

1) I think this is the best and fastest way to support engineers to install, debug and teach foreign service machinery.

2) We provide toolboxes, manuals, and operating videos, and if you want our engineers to provide free fees, we will teach you how to use and maintain the machine.

3) One-year warranty, lifetime free service, 24 hours online service, reply within 12 hours.

4) Free video conference is provided to solve your urgent problems. We have successfully solved the urgent needs of more than 50 customers.

5) Spare parts are provided at the ex-factory price during the service life of all machines.

6) 10 years of manufacturing experience, strong R & D department design of various customized packaging machines.

7) Our engineers have more than 10 years of experience in packaging machine maintenance. We are fully confident to provide you with the best service.

With thoughtful pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services, our customers not only received high-quality packaging machines but also experienced high-quality services. At the same time, they also got the huge benefits brought to them by the packaging machine. Focus on technological innovation and development to provide our customers with high-quality machines and the best service. Excellent quality and service are our life!

As a sales engineer of NEWIDEAPACK, I am very happy when customers give high praise to our packaging machines and services. It is my pleasure to provide the correct packaging machine according to the customer’s requirements. Choosing the packaging machine of NEWIDEAPACK is your right choice!