20-50kg Bag Packaging Line

The 20-50kg packaging line is a packaging system composed of multiple packaging machines. Including feeding, packaging, transmission and other work links. It is especially suitable for packaging heavy goods, such as animal feed, flour, sugar and other products.

25-50KG Bag Packaging Line Advantage

Advantage 1: the performance of the packaging machine is stable, and there will be no mechanical failure under normal circumstances.

Advantage 2: it can package quickly, with high efficiency and low power consumption.

Advantage 3: it adopts full-automatic packaging mode without manual operation and saves labor costs.

Advantage 4: according to the characteristics of the object to be packaged, you can freely match the packaging machine equipment to set up the packaging production line you need.

Advantage 5: safe and controllable. Each piece of equipment on the 25-50kg bag packaging line has an independent safety protection system. You can use it with confidence.

How About 25-50KG Bag Packaging Line Working?

NEWIDEAPACK 20-50KG Bag Packaging Line

25-50KG Bag Packaging Line


Intelligent Automatic 20 kg-50 kg Big Bag Packaging Line. Production capacity with 500-750 bags/hours, can be connected with robot palletizing system.

Newideapack 20-50KG Bag animal feed Packaging Machine

20-50KG Bag Packaging Machine


Semiautomatic 20 kg-50kg Packaging Machine, one person operate, easy to operate, save cost.

Newideapack 10-25kg animal feed bag packaging line machine

10-25KG Bag Packaging Machine


 Semi-automatic Double scale weighting and packaging machine,including weighting, filling, sewing or heat sealing machine and output conveyor.