What Is A Tea Bag Packaging Machine

I guess you may not have seen a tea bag packing machine, but most likely have drunk tea beverages. As one of the two most popular beverages in the world along with coffee, tea is closely related to people’s daily life. With the change in people’s eating habits, more and more people fall in love with drinking tea.

What follows is that the demand for tea depends on the packaging efficiency of the past, which is far from meeting the needs of the market. This means that more tea packaging machines with more functions and higher packaging efficiency are needed to solve this problem. NEWIDEAPACK has more than 15 years of professional design and manufacturing experience in the packaging machine industry. In this article, we will introduce you to the tea packaging machine from a professional and technical point of view.

Advantages of tea packaging machine

1. Greatly improve the efficiency of tea packaging

Compared with the traditional manual packaging of tea, the working efficiency of the tea packaging machine is much higher than the former. In other words, the work efficiency of the two is not comparable at all. The original tea packaging machine was capable of packing 2,000 tea bags per hour. Through technological innovation, now NEWIDEAPACK’s latest tea packaging machine can pack 4500 tea bags per hour.

2. The packaging accuracy is very reliable

Good tea is more expensive, so it is necessary for the tea packaging machine to have better tea weighing equipment. Different tea packaging machines have different weighing systems. Generally, we will use a measuring cup to weigh to solve this problem. When the tea leaves are dropped from the storage tank to the weighing machine, the measuring cup will determine whether the number of tea leaves to be packaged meets the packaging requirements according to the weight of the tea leaves.

3. Multiple security measures

Modern tea packaging machines basically use fully automatic packaging processes, and generally do not require operators to manually handle the related work links of tea packaging. It only needs to be responsible for the supply of tea bag packaging materials and the stacking of finished tea bags. In order to deal with various complicated and unexpected situations in the process of tea packaging, we also added an emergency stop function to the tea packaging machine, so that the operator can deal with the relevant failures under safe conditions.

4. hygiene and safety environment for tea packaging

It is difficult to effectively ensure the sanitation of the packaging environment with traditional hand-packed tea. The packaging environment of the tea packaging machine avoids the pollution of the external environment as much as possible. The operating environment of the tea packaging machine is the same as the operating environment of the food packaging and the packaging operations performed. Ensure the health and hygiene of tea packaging

5. It can prolong the shelf life of tea

The tea packaging machine uses the vacuum packaging mode, which can prevent the tea from contacting with the air, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the tea and preserving the pure taste of the tea. Even the simple sealing of the outer packaging can keep the tea’s pure taste for a long time without mildew.

6. Diversity of packaging methods

There are many kinds of packaging methods for tea, including bulk, sling filter bag packaging, and triangular bag packaging. These diversified tea packaging methods are difficult to complete manually. Newideapack has designed a variety of tea packaging machines with different functions to meet different tea packaging needs, as shown in the figure below.

The working principle of tea packaging machine

In order to let you intuitively understand the working principle of the tea packaging machine, we specially recorded a working video of the tea packaging machine, as shown below.

The above is the relevant content of the tea packaging machine. We focus on the performance and advantages of the tea packaging machine, and how the tea packaging machine packs the tea. If you are interested in tea packaging machines or want to get free tea packaging solutions, please click the button below to contact our senior packaging machine engineers, we will reply as soon as possible.