The importance of packaging machines to food safety

Food safety has always been taken seriously because it is closely related to human health. Different types of things have different packaging methods to ensure that the safety performance of food is effectively guaranteed during storage and sale. Different from the traditional manual packaging in the past, the modern food industry pays more and more attention to packaging efficiency and food safety. This article explains in detail the importance of food packaging machines for food safety.

ONE: Food packaging machine can effectively prevent the occurrence of foodborne diseases

Foodborne diseases are usually manifested as a series of adverse reactions after unclean food is eaten by humans or animals, and in severe cases may even lead to life-threatening. Foodborne illnesses can occur when all bacteria or viruses in the food are not removed.

Or pest and disease substances are not detected and removed from the food source. In addition, unclean packaging machinery and the personal hygiene of packaging machine operators can also contribute to the above.

To solve this problem, we need to start from two aspects.

First: Strict sterilization and disinfection management of the food itself, such as pasteurization or ultraviolet irradiation sterilization, can effectively solve these problems.

Second: packaging machinery and related operators need to conduct regular hygiene inspections, and they must conduct a comprehensive inspection of their own hygiene before performing packaging work.

TWO: The food packaging machine can extend the shelf life of food

Usually, food is inedible due to the invasion of bacteria or viruses. However, studies have shown that food at low temperatures and vacuum can effectively prolong its shelf life of food. This is because bacteria in food need a certain amount of water, air, and temperature if they are to multiply.

The fundamental reason why food packaging machines can extend the shelf life of food more than manual packaging is to create a vacuum-sealed environment for food.

For some fragile foods or foods that are prone to oxidation, the food packaging machine extends the shelf life of the food by filling it with inert gas. Inert gases usually do not react chemically with food and maintain constant humidity and pressure in food packaging bags.

Common such food packaging is inflatable packaging for potato chips and inflatable packaging for coffee powder. It is worth mentioning that the drip coffee of NEWIDEAPACK also adopts this packaging scheme, and the brewed coffee tastes more mellow than ordinary coffee packaging.

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THREE:The food packaging machine extends the shelf life of fresh food by packaging film

There is a very interesting phenomenon, vegetables in supermarkets are usually packaged in film. The vegetables in these packages tend to be less perishable than the open-packed vegetables that we buy ourselves and place in our homes.

Fruits and vegetables slowly release ripening gases and carbon dioxide and water under airtight conditions. If it cannot be removed in time, the process of decay will be accelerated under airtight conditions. So, what kind of magic can achieve such a magical effect?

Its secret lies in the special film in the outer packaging of fresh vegetables. The film has positive and negative sides, and the purpose of air exchange inside and outside the fresh vegetable packaging film is achieved by generating fine and tight pores that are invisible to the naked eye.

In addition, the covering of the film can also effectively isolate the invasion of other bacteria and viruses in the outside air, thereby delaying the shelf life of fresh food.

Four: The food packaging machine promotes the sales of goods and the establishment of brands

In our subconscious mind, the packaging of Coca-Cola must be red, and the packaging of Pepsi must be blue. This means that the unification of packaging helps to shape the underlying impression of the brand in people’s minds.

Today, the packaging bag has not only played the monotonous role of packaging food, it has been given more identity. They can be “brand promoters”, “ambiance makers” and secondary users of other functions.

Usually, we use prefabricated bags to give food packaging more functions and meanings. Prefabricated bags are bags that are made. If you don’t know much about it, you can check out our professional article “8888888888888 “

When the unique packaging of the brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, people will subconsciously abandon other counterfeit and shoddy competing products. Because these counterfeit and shoddy competing products are likely to have an inadequate implementation of food safety regulations. Your brand will earn more from food packaging.

The above points are a summary of the importance of food packaging machines for food safety and food packaging. Food packaging machines play a very important role in people’s lives, and although you don’t have direct contact with them, they have a direct impact on your life.

If you are interested in food safety or food packaging machines, we look forward to your communication with our senior packaging machine engineers to get the latest food packaging industry information and free packaging solutions.