4 factors to be considered in selecting a powder packaging machine

Whether you are a newcomer to the powder packaging industry or a senior expert in the industry, you should seriously consider four factors when choosing to purchase a packaging machine for packaging powder products. There are many different types and functions of powder packaging machines on the market to choose from, but in fact these powder packaging machines may not be able to perfectly solve your powder product packaging needs.

As a professional packaging machine manufacturer, NEWIDEAPACK has more than 15 years of research and development and manufacturing history of packaging machines. Over the years, we have grown together with our customers, and have been keenly aware of the market dynamics of packaging machine equipment. In order to avoid problems when purchasing a powder packaging machine, we have listed 4 things for you to pay attention to. So that you can make the right choice when purchasing a powder packaging machine.

1. Choose a fully automatic or semi-automatic packaging machine according to the workload requirements of powder packaging

Obviously, the working efficiency of the automatic packaging machine is higher than that of the semi-automatic packaging machine. But it does not mean that the automatic powder packaging machine is your best choice. Under normal circumstances, the purchase cost of fully automatic packaging machines is much higher than that of semi-automatic packaging machines. Moreover, the accessories of the automatic packaging machine often require special customization. During the operation and maintenance of the powder packaging machine in the later stage, it is necessary to spend more costs to purchase related packaging machine accessories to replace the damaged parts.

If your powder packaging business is not very large, we recommend that you choose a semi-automatic powder packaging machine to suit your powder packaging needs. The biggest reason is the relatively low price of semi-automatic powder packaging machines. If your powder packaging business has a large overall volume, but the packaging requirements of each powder have different implementation standards, then a semi-automatic powder packaging machine with manual intervention is obviously more suitable for your needs. Below are our two different styles of powder packaging machines

2. Accuracy requirements for powder packaging

The higher the value of the powder to be packaged, the higher the requirements for the packaging accuracy of the powder packaging machine. Small packaging differences may not be obvious in a single bag, and if the packaging differences for the entire batch were calculated uniformly, it would be a very exaggerated number. For example, legally grown and packaged cannabis powder, precious metal powder, and other expensive biological powders are so expensive that they place high demands on the packaging accuracy of powder packaging machines.

Some powder-based products to be packaged are very sensitive to humidity in the air, and are particularly prone to absorb moisture and cause the powder to become heavier. Some powder packaging machines do not completely use weight as the only measurement standard when packaging, which leads to differences in the amount of powder packaged by the same powder packaging machine under different air humidity conditions. This requires the powder packaging machine to be equipped with other related auxiliary sensors to adjust the packaging accuracy of the powder.

3. Manufacturer’s technical support for powder packaging machine

Take NEWIDEAPACK as an example, our customers come from dozens of countries and regions around the world. This means that when our customers need technical support, whether NEWIDEAPACK can give them the technical support they need in the first time. After all, not every powder packaging machine purchaser or operator has the ability to meet and solve problems.

Good communication and targeted packaging machine technical solutions require a strong packaging machine after-sales service team. This after-sales team should be composed of senior technical engineers and translators in different languages. Fortunately, all members of the after-sales service team of NEWIDEAPACK have more than 5 years of experience in the packaging machine industry. If you encounter problems when using our powder packaging machine, we can solve the corresponding problems for you at the first time.

4. Purchase price and maintenance cost of powder packaging machine

For any seasoned packaging machine buyer, price is an important consideration when making packaging machine purchasing decisions. In the whole packaging machine equipment market, the price of packaging machine equipment in Japan, the United States and Italy is relatively high, and the packaging machine equipment in China, Taiwan and South Korea has a relatively high cost performance.

In addition, the components of the packaging machine, especially some electronic components, are easily damaged. For example, during the use of the powder packaging machine, if the powder dust generated during the packaging process is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to cause the electronic components to be abnormally heated and cause failure. These electronic components are sometimes not available in your market, and you need to contact the packaging machine manufacturer to purchase them. This results in an increase in the cost of using your powder packaging machine and a reduction in powder packaging efficiency.

If you are not very professional in purchasing powder packaging machines or you have more special packaging function requirements for powder packaging machines. You are welcome to contact our senior packaging machine engineers at any time to get a free packaging machine solution.