No Fear of Comparison

-Domestic drip-bag coffee packaging machine to overwhelm imported machines to become the most rest assured choice for coffee producers

In the past decades, in the Chinese packaging industry, Japan, the United States, Italy, Germany produced machines have been the biggest competitors of domestic machines. Large manufacturers to import machines as the first choice, small and medium-sized production enterprises to purchase the use of imported machines as the aspiration and goal. Domestic machines often become the second best choice.

Through the major domestic packaging machine manufacturers in recent years for each industry in-depth research, and constantly improve the strength of research and development, the comprehensive strength of the domestic packaging machine has been greatly enhanced, after time and again with foreign packaging machine quality, capacity and efficiency of the comparison of the competition, more and more domestic customers to recognize and choose the domestic packaging machine .

Even the G.E.O. Coffee which the foreign investment in China, also in many comparisons between the Japanese brand of drip-bag coffee packaging machine and the C80E drip-bag coffee packaging machine in Newidea Pack chose to purchase the C80E drip-bag coffee packaging machine, after using a period of time, G.E.O. repurchase a C80E to do further productivity upgrades. The C80E has also lived up to its promise and completed several large production orders for G.E.O.

First contact between Newidea Pack and G.E.O. Coffe

Newidea Pack first came into contact with G.E.O. Coffee in early 2020. At that time, Newidea Pack’s C80E drip-bag coffee packaging machine had just been launched into the domestic market, and G.E.O. Coffee has been operating in China for nearly 20 years as a professional coffee production factory. In addition to producing its own brand of coffee products, G.E.O. Coffee also undertakes OEM production for a number of coffee brands, and the machinery used for production is mainly imported brands, with a Japanese brand FTG-P1 drip-bag coffee packaging machine used for the production of drip-bag coffee, with an average daily production capacity of 16,000-18,000 pieces of drip-bag coffee. At the time of our first contact, the sales of drip-bag coffee were gradually increasing because of the special period, but at that time, the production efficiency of G.E.O. coffee’s capacity did not need to add equipment to increase productivity.

In-depth communication, laying the foundation for cooperation

With the slow rise of coffee culture in China, drip-bag coffee as a convenient and quick coffee product has received more consumers’ love, the sales of G.E.O. Coffee’s own brand has been rising, and the demand for external brand entrusted processing has also been increasing, so in July 2022, G.E.O. Coffee put forward the demand for purchasing drip-bag coffee equipment to us. During this period of time, Newidea Pack, as a packaging machine manufacturer hoping to plow the coffee packaging industry, has repeatedly asked professional questions to the senior coffee producer G.E.O. Coffee, which has patiently answered our questions and given professional advice and experimental help with our machine upgrades many times. It can be said that G.E.O. Coffee has witnessed the growth of C80E drip-bag coffee packaging machine in Newidea Pack.

Customers compare Japanese brand packaging machine and Newidea Pack packaging machine

But as a long-time user of Japanese brands, G.E.O. Coffee had a hard time choosing between the Japanese brand of drip-bag coffee packaging machine that it was used to or the C80E drip-bag coffee packaging machine that had just gradually gained a foothold in the domestic market. G.E.O. Coffee asked us to provide more detailed technical parameters and related information for easy reference and comparison. So, after a series of comparisons, the customer summarized the following comparison list.

Newidea Pack C80E drip-bag coffee packaging machine and Japanese brand drip-bag coffee packaging machine performance parameters comparison

The above table involves confidential data, please contact us if you need to know

The first packaging machine customer production plan

The result of comparison is that our C80E has obvious advantages in all aspects of performance, and its capacity and efficiency can fully meet G.E.O. Coffee’s requirements and standards, and finally it was quickly approved by the headquarters after being submitted to the foreign headquarters. So in September 2022, the first cooperation was reached between Newidea Pack and G.E.O. Coffee, and the first C80E drip-bag coffee packaging machine entered G.E.O. coffee’s production plant.

Gaining customer trust and repeat business

After one month of use and experience, with the recognition of the capacity and efficiency of the C80E drip-bag coffee and the quality of the machine, G.E.O. Coffee repurchased the C80E, and with the assistance of Newidea Pack, completed the production of several large OEM orders, achieving the result of improving the capacity and efficiency and creating greater profitability, while G.E.O. Coffee has been recognized by more customers in the field of hang-ear coffee OEM. At the same time, GEEO has been recognized by more customers in the field of coffee OEM and has become the first choice for more coffee brands. The cooperation between G.E.O. Coffee and Newidea Pack will also grow closer as the coffee industry continues to flourish in China.

The cooperation between Newidea Pack and G.E.O. Coffee did not happen overnight, rather it is a long time to understand each other, constantly through the topic discussion and in-depth industry research, so that the two companies have a close connection and trust. The cooperation is also the most intuitive comparison and collision between the C80E and the Japanese brand FTG series, after a comprehensive comparison we are pleased to find that from the machine performance quality of our C80E has been comparable to imported packaging machines, and even in some convenient has surpassed the imported packaging machine, which is undoubtedly a confidence-boosting competition for domestic packaging machines, but also for the Newidea Pack for many years rooted in the coffee Packaging industry for many years rooted in the greatest encouragement of research and development. The future of Newidea Pack will be more in-depth understanding of industry needs, and strive to produce more excellent packaging machine products with high quality products and services, to become a national pride “Made in China”.

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