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What is stick Pack?

Strip packaging, also known as back-seal packaging in the industry. In this method, the laminated film is rolled up individually, sealed lengthwise, and then pressed to one side and sealed horizontally to make the bag. They are narrower in width, longer in length and compact in size to neatly hold single servings of food. In addition, the material of the bag can be customized to withstand freezing occasions and become moisture-proof. In particular, it can accommodate powdered products, such as instant coffee and powdered medicine, with minimal risk of bursting.

Back-sealed strip packaging has a strong market demand in the solid and liquid beverage industry with its many advantages over traditional packaging. Back-sealed strip packaging has become a newcomer in the solid food and liquid beverage packaging segment and is one of the most popular packaging formats today.

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Material & Application

Single or multiple laminates using OPP / CPP / PET / PE / PP / NY / Alu / metpet and other materials

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Packaging Machines for Stickpack

ND-S600 Multilane Packaging Machine For Stick Pack

The ND-S600 series of Multilane packaging machines, developed by our chief Italian designer, have reached the top international standards in terms of mechanical structure, electrical component configuration, and production technology. Let customers to use a high-performance, cost-effective, stable and reliable multi-lane packaging machine.
This series of packaging machines are suitable for packaging stick bag for instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee, and other medical, food, health care products, solid beverage industry.

  • Max Speed: 108 bags/min
  • Lane number: 2/4/6/10 lanes
  • Min Size: 40mm*20mm;Max Size180mm*30mm

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