Animal feed bag packaging solution

Animal feed industry is the fast growing industry in the world. It is related the supply of meat,eggs,dairy sea food products etc. Animal feed packaging is often in the weight of 15-50kg packaging bags. Such as woven bags, kraft paper bags, bag mouth is sealed with thread. Due to the heavy weight of each bag, many workers are needed for weighing, sewing, stacking depends on manual labor. Semi-automatic or single machine have been unable to meet the high efficiency, high rhythm of the production mode. Animal feed packaging solution towards to the integration, high-speed, intelligent, flexible, energy saving, high precision trend. That is also the current global intelligent production trend.

Animal feed packaging

Newidea Machinery have complete animal feed packaging solution for different requrements,help you achieve maximum automation and cost saving.

1.Manual bagging animal feed packaging solution

This animal feed packaging machine operated only by one person. Only manual bagging is required, then the bag gripper will automatically clip the bag, automatically weigh, feed, sew the bag. It is consist of a quantitative weighing scale, a bag gripper, a bag mouth clamping mechanism, a bag mouth guiding mechanism, a bag sewing mechanism and a bag sewing conveyor.

Manual bagging automatic sealing and packing machine is an excellent choice for bags with poor quality (no film covering) that automatic packaging machine can not be used. It has the following advantages:

1)Compared with the traditional semi-automatic packaging machine needs one person to bag and one person to sew. This machine only needs one person to operate. Save one labor cost.

2)Compared with the full automatic packaging machine, the operation is more difficult and simple, and the technical level of technical personnel and the maintenance of the machine are required to be lower.

3)PLC+ touch screen configuration, unified control weighing, sewing operation, the output can reach 500-750bag/ hour.

This animal feed packaging solution is a low investment, high productivity, also can achieve automatic palletizing feed packaging machine solution.More information.

2.Automatic animal feed packaging solution

The difference between this set of packing equipment and manual bagging is that it does not need a worker to load bag one by one. It is automatic bagging, weighting, filling, passing bags and sewing bags. Although only one man is missing in man power, the structure and function of his whole machine are quite different.

The bag library

It has a bag library that can hold 250-300 bags, which only needs to be put into the bags at one time. When the machine is running, it will be filled automatically, no need to manually feed the bags one by one.Save labor and makes the production more safety.

Bag holding and conveying mechanism

The bag-holding and conveying mechanism is designed to lift and hold the bags loaded with materials from the open-bag, bag-holding and bag-holding stations to the leading-in mechanism. When the guiding mechanism works, the bag-holding part returns to the bag-opening, bag-holding and bag-holding stations to end a cycle.

bagging machine for animal feedg
bagging machine for animal feed

Bag sewing mechanism

It is for Sewing the opening of the bags.
1.) There are two – stitch four – stitch and single – stitch two – stitch.
2.) Sewing mechanism: Sewing on the pocket opening.
3.)It can sewing the bag with fold edge by the edging mechanism: deliver the bag mouth to the sewing machine for sewing.

Animal feed bag sewing machine
automatic animal feed bag sewing machine

Connected with automatic robot palletizing system

This automatic animal feed packaging machine can be matched with the robot palletizing system. To equip a robot, you need to equip it with transmission equipment. Please find another article to get more information.

Animal feed packaging solution ABB  robot palletizing
ABB robot palletizing line line for animal feed

After reading this article, I think you have a little understanding of the animal feed packaging solution. You can think about which solution is better for your animal feed business. If you want get more information just contact with Tianjin Newidea Machinery Co., Ltd.

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