A Coffee Bean Packaging Machine That Travels Across The Ocean

This is just an episode of my three-year working career in NEWIDEA MACHINERY. It is also a story of a coffee bean packaging machine that has been running for three years and is still writing a new chapter.

The protagonist’s name is Brain Kenny, a spiritual guy from Ireland. Of course, knowing his spirit is something later. The first time I received his inquiry was in June 2016. Until the transaction was completed in April 2017. We exchanged hundreds of emails with him to exchange ideas, exchange experiences, and exchange needs. In the past six months, through his elegant conversation between the lines, we feel that this is a customer worthy of our heart. To be honest, there are many people who are polite, and it is rare to be so polite.

coffee packaging machine enquiry
Inquiry from Brain

A suitable coffee bean packaging machine

After half a year of in-depth communication, we recommended him a coffee bean packaging machine that is suitable for him and a coffee bean packaging machine that satisfies him. Payment, production, booking, delivery, everything went in order. After a month of drifting, the packaging machine that was disassembled into several large boxes arrived in Dublin, the capital of Ireland. During this period, he and we have been looking forward to and excited, but he is looking forward to the machine, and we are looking forward to the final payment.

Attentive after-sales service

During this period, everything went so smoothly without billows. Brain and us both believed that this would be a normal international trade case. However, the climax happened like an extinct volcano suddenly erupted in this calm.

coffee bean packaging machine
Coffee bean packaging machine

That was at night, after all we have an 8-hour time difference. I was awakened by the ringing of the WhatsApp phone while I was asleep. I squinted and saw his name with a irritable mood. My first reaction was that this brother will call me necessarily if something happened. After all, it’s always an e-mail contact, and it’s the first time to make a call like this. I pick up the phone, Brain’s anxious voice immediately spilled out. I listened in dizzy for a long time and finally understood that the machine couldn’t work. After my patient persuasion, we agreed to have a video installation instruction the next day.

Ensure the taste of coffee beans through the vent valve device

Due to the time difference, ourafter-sales service can only be arranged at night, and Brain cannot cooperate with us at night because he has to take care of the children. Because his coffee bean packaging machine needs to ensure the taste of coffee beans, it has a special vent valve device that allows the bag to remove the carbon dioxide generated during the natural fermentation of coffee beans. The problem is with the exhaust valve. After I explained the working principle and installation method patiently. The hard work paid off, and finally the debugging was successful. Brian Holding his cell phone excitedly, he told me that he would invite me to Dublin to drink and drink authentic pure malt whisky.

This was a unforgettable debugging experience. I deeply felt his dependence and trust on me across the ocean. It also made me feel that in fact, every customer has their own unknown difficulties. As a foreign trader of packaging machines, my value is not just to create sales for the company, but more importantly, the expectation and trust of people on the other side of the earth, and the expectation and trust of NEWIDEA MACHINERY .

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