professional Q&A about Drip bag coffee packaging

——How to reduce costs and losses while ensuring quality and improving production efficiency

Now more and more companies are pursuing efficient and automated production, especially in the food processing industry, how to reduce costs and losses while ensuring quality and improving production is particularly important. In the coffee production and processing industry, the Drip bag coffee packaging machine has become an important tool for production automation. The common integrated packaging of inner and outer bags, such as drip bag coffee packaging, needs to go through multiple processes such as baking, grinding, packaging, boxing, and boxing to produce products that can be sold. The packaging process has extremely strict requirements on the appearance and weight of the product.The following are a series of questions that our sales staff also encountered in the sales process for the drip bag coffee packaging machine.

Customer: Our production plan is always unable to be completed on time, so that workers have to work overtime every day. How can your machine guarantee the production capacity and complete the production plan on time?

Newidea Pack: Only words that have been used can be trusted. The following is the production site of our customers.

Customer: How to meet the high-efficiency, stable and reliable automatic production requirements of the Drip bag coffee packaging machine?

Newidea Pack: Newidea Pack provides a customized automation solution – C80E automatic drip bag coffee packaging machine can solve this problem.

1. The machine adopts drawer measuring cup vibrating feeding, which accurately measures the coffee powder and solves the problem of affecting the taste of coffee due to the heat generated during traditional spiral feeding.

2. The inner bag is sewn and cut by ultrasonic cold sealing and cold cutting to ensure beautiful sealing and smooth cutting. The film drawing is driven by servo motor and Panasonic sensor to follow the label to ensure stability and precision.

3. The corner manipulator equipped with this machine is driven by a servo motor, and the corner speed and precision make the speed of the whole machine reach a stable speed of 65 packs/min.

4. The film of the outer bag is reciprocatingly driven by a servo motor, the Panasonic sensor follows the label, and the film pulling wheel is canceled. The overall appearance of the outer bag is smooth and the indentation is clear.

5. The forming device is processed by a five-axis machining center, and the sheet metal is processed by a mold to ensure that there will be no stretch marks or fish scales after the bag is formed.

6. The machine uses a clear human-machine interface to control the operation of PLC, which not only meets the needs of fully automated production, but also ensures that the automatic control components can also operate normally in complex production environments.

Customer: How to effectively reduce costs and increase efficiency for the production of drip bag coffee packaging?

Newidea Pack: Relying on its many years of exploration and development experience in the field of automatic packaging, it has added automatic control and execution components suitable for automatic packaging machines such as cylinders, valve islands, grippers, servo motors, and DC motors, and is also equipped with Multiple sensors with precise positioning enable the equipment to automatically alarm and shut down when there is no material, empty inner and outer bags, no film, insufficient air pressure, and temperature deviation. This not only avoids the waste of materials and packaging materials, but also greatly improves the production speed. To achieve stable production quality.

In recent years, with the acceleration of the transformation process of the industry, manufacturers of drip bag coffee packaging machines have felt unprecedented pressure, but Newidea Pack is going forward with pressure, because our original intention of establishment is to let customers complete the production plan ahead of schedule. If you want your production to be worry-free, come and contact us!

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