How to choose a 25-50kg milk powder Bagging machine

Today, we will talk about the selection of milk powder bagging machine for 25-50 kilograms of milk powder in the food industry.

The importance of the physical properties of milk powder in the selection of powder bagging machines

Appilication of Powder Bagging Machine: Milk powder is an important Dietary supplement. As the raw material of the food industry, its demand is growing in the industry.

Milk powder is divided into organic milk powder and regular milk powder according to their nutritional composition. Organic milk powder contains nutrients such as milk, soybeans, whey powder, organic matter, malt sugar, etc.

The nutritional components of regular milk powder include protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, etc. Both types of milk powder contain sugar.

According to water-soluble milk powder, it can be divided into instant milk powder and regular milk powder. Instant milk powder is larger and more loose than regular milk powder, and has good wettability and dispersibility. When rinsing, even using warm water can quickly dissolve.

So when operate Powder Bagging Machine, we should pay attention to the screw gap not being too small, otherwise the heat generated by friction will melt the sugar in the milk powder, causing the screw to stick.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure a dry packaging environment to prevent the milk powder from dissolving due to moisture.

Milk powder itself does not belong to explosive dust. However, in some special circumstances, there is still a certain risk of explosion.

For example, when milk powder dust and oxygen in the air reach a certain concentration and come into contact with ignition sources (such as open flames, electric arcs, etc.)

It may cause explosions or fires. To ensure safety, we should pay attention to the following points in the packaging workshop:

1.Establish explosion-proof areas: Install explosion-proof equipment and protective measures in areas with potential explosion hazards to reduce the impact of explosions.

2.Regular cleaning: Clean up dust accumulation in production equipment and work areas to reduce the risk of dust explosions.

3.Use anti-static equipment: Use anti-static equipment to reduce the risk of fire caused by static electricity.

4.Regular inspection and maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain production equipment to ensure its normal operation and reduce the possibility of accidents.

The 25-50 kg milk powder bagging machine can achieve functions such as automatic measurement, packaging, sealing, repackaging, and shaping of milk powder.

The entire packaging line has a high degree of automation, stable operation, and low dust.

The complete set of equipment consists of a vertical spiral measuring scale, a powder fully automatic large bag packaging machine, a connecting platform, a joint sealing machine, a sealing conveyor, a reverse packaging conveyor, a shaping conveyor, a bag picking conveyor, a robotic arm, a tray warehouse, etc.

Milk powder bagging machine
25~50kg open-mouth bag powder bagging machine

The milk powder bagging machine has various characteristics and advantages. It is an efficient and intelligent packaging device, and its main features will be introduced below:

1.High precision weighing: The screw weighing system consists of mechanical components, sensors, and a weighing control instrument system.

Spiral rotation feeding is adopted, with coarse feeding mainly controlling the weighing speed and fine feeding mainly controlling the weighing accuracy.

The weight change signal is sent out by the weighing instrument of the weighing sensor connected to the bag clamp.

And the spiral speed is controlled by the predetermined value of the weighing instrument. After the weighing is completed, the spiral feed outlet valve is closed.

2.Fast packaging speed: The fully automatic powder bagging machine has the ability to quickly package and can complete large-scale packaging tasks in a short time.

The packaging machine is composed of a bag preparation warehouse, a bag picking and handling device, a bag loading robot, a bag clamping and unloading device, a bag holding and pushing device, a bag opening guide device, a vacuum system, and a control system.

3.Multiple packaging specifications: This device has flexible packaging specification adaptability within the specification range.

And can be freely set and adjusted according to user needs to meet the needs of different packaging specifications.

4.Automatic calculation, display, and recording functions: The equipment is equipped with an intelligent control system that can automatically calculate packaging quantity, display working status and parameter settings, and record production data, facilitating production management and quality control.

5.Advanced packaging structure design: The fully automatic powder bagging machine adopts advanced vacuum suction system and unique sealing technology, which can effectively reduce the use of packaging materials and maintain the freshness and nutritional value of the product.

6.Safe and reliable operating system: The device is equipped with a touch screen operation interface and an independent control cabinet, which has a simple and intuitive operation interface and is easy to operate and maintain.

At the same time, the equipment also has safety measures such as overload protection and abnormal alarm to ensure the safety and stability of the operation process.

The fully automatic powder large bagging machine has the characteristics of high-precision weighing, fast packaging speed, flexible and diverse packaging specifications.

With intelligent control system, advanced packaging structure design, safe and reliable operating system, and sustainable development. It is an indispensable key equipment in the milk powder industry.

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