What Is The Origin Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s top three beverages, so what is the origin of coffee?

Coffee grown worldwide can trace its heritage back centuries to the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau. More than a thousand years ago, a shepherd discovered that the sheep had eaten a plant and became very excited and lively, and then discovered coffee.

the origin of coffee

Another legend is said that a wildfire accidentally destroyed a coffee forest, and the aroma of roasted coffee attracted the attention of the surrounding people. Local indigenous people often grind the fruit of the coffee tree, then mix it with animal fat and knead it into ball-shaped foods. People of this indigenous regard these coffee balls as precious food for the soldiers who are about to go on the expedition.

The Origin of Coffee

Until around 11th century that people began to brew coffee with water as a beverage. In the 13th century, Ethiopian troops invaded Yemen and brought coffee to the Arab world. At first coffee was expensive in Europe, and only nobles could drink coffee.

The Origin of Coffee

Coffee was even called “black gold”. It was not until 1690 that a Dutch captain sailed to Yemen and got a few coffee seedlings, which were successfully planted in Indonesia. In 1727, the wife of a diplomat in Dutch Guiana gave a few coffee seeds to a Spaniard in Brazil. He tried to plant them in Brazil and achieved good results. The climate in Brazil is very suitable for coffee growth, and coffee has spread rapidly in South America since then. Coffee whose prices fell due to mass production began to become an important beverage in the world.

The Origin of Coffee

Coffee is so popular and planted all over the world not only because of its aroma and flavor, the most important is coffee is good for health. In the next article, we will introduce the benefits of drinking coffee.

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