What is a premade pouch

A premade pouch is a kind of flexible packaging pouch that is produced in advance with specific outer packaging shape properties and is packaged by opening the pouch in a prefabricated bag packaging machine. Compared with traditional plastic film heat-sealed packaging bags, premade pouches have many unique advantages. According to relevant market research data, the premade pouch is of great help in promoting commodity sales and increasing commodity sales profits.

The difference between premade pouch and ordinary film-forming sealed bags

1. The exterior design of premade pouch can be diversified

Ordinary plastic film packaging machines can only produce a limited number of bag shapes. The style of these shapes depends on the pre-set effects of the packaging machine formers. The appearance design of premade pouch can be more diversified. It can be produced on other professional bag production lines in advance.

2. The outer packaging design of the premade pouch is more colorful

Considering that the packaging of premade pouches often faces end consumers directly, more eye-catching patterns and colors are usually printed on the surface of the premade pouch to attract consumers. Although ordinary film-formed sealed bags can also print relevant patterns and texts, the final effect is much inferior to that of the premade pouch.

3. Premade pouchs are more convenient to carry, seal and store

Ordinary plastic film bags can usually only be made in regular shapes, and cannot be customized to the outer packaging shape. Considering the different appearance characteristics of different products, premade pouch’s packaging can solve this problem very well. For example, in the process of liquid packaging, the premade pouch can be designed to be self-supporting with a handle on the top of the bag, which is convenient for carrying and sealing.

For some liquid products, considering the convenience in the consumption process, it is also necessary to design a dumping outlet for the outer packaging of the premade pouch. Such as juice, milk, etc.

4. Premade pouch are good for brand communication

In addition to the personalized appearance design, the premade pouch packaging can also print the relevant information of the brand on the surface of the bag. Information about these brands reaches consumers as the product circulates. It can better enhance brand awareness and promote the dissemination of brand information.

5. Premade pouch can improve packaging efficiency

Since the premade pouch has been produced in advance, only the process of loading the product to be packaged needs to be completed during the entire packaging process, so it saves time compared to the traditional packaging process. Ordinary plastic film packaging needs to heat-seal the roll of plastic film into the specific shape required by the former of the packaging machine, which takes longer than premade pouch packaging.

What kind of products are suitable for premade pouch packaging ?

Not all products are suitable for premade pouches. Considering that the ultimate purpose of commodity circulation is to obtain profits from sales, the choice of premade pouches depends on the specific link of the packaging of the commodity in the sales chain. The initial commodity raw materials are upstream in the sales chain, not directly facing the final consumer, and are not suitable for packaging in premade pouches.

In addition, the production cost of premade pouches is higher than that of ordinary plastic film packaging bags. For small batches of premade pouches, the cost of a single premade pouch will be relatively high after all the total packaging costs are evenly distributed. If your products for sale do not have a high profit per product, and the number of products for sale in the whole batch is not very large, then it is not recommended that you choose premade pouch as the first choice for product packaging

How to choose a supplier of premade pouch packing machine ?

Different products for sale have different physical properties that affect the design and production of premade pouches. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a strong and reliable supplier of premade pouch packaging machines. Usually, we first consult the packaging machine manufacturer if they have experience in the production design of premade pouch packaging. Then send your own product to the packaging machine manufacturer as a small trial production sample.

The supplier of the premade pouch packing machine designs and manufactures the premade pouch according to these samples, and tests the various packaging properties of the premade pouches. Such as product sealing performance, drop failure test, tensile test, dumping leak test, puncture resistance test, and so on.

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