surprise! V60 era-drip bag coffee packaging machine ND-C80E

Are you still looking for hanging ear coffee packaging solutions? Now, your labor and worries will be liberated! Newidea Packaging’s newly upgraded automatic drip bag coffee packaging machine can break through the original 10g/pack flat bottom bag design, and each pack can hold 12g-15g in weight, increasing the output. The V60 diamond-shaped design is also used to increase the extraction rate and maximize the taste and aroma of coffee. With a wide opening, you can try a variety of water injection methods, bringing you multiple experiences.

Drip bag coffee packaging machine from Newidea machinery

As a professional manufacturer of coffee packaging equipment, Newidea Packaging Machinery has been committed to continuously promoting technological progress in the industry and providing customers with better, smarter and more efficient coffee packaging solutions.

Newidea Packaging Machinery believes that only by integrating innovative ideas throughout the entire process of design, production, sales and service can we provide customers with the best products and services.

Come and contact us! We believe that this is not only an investment, but also an opportunity for development. The advanced technology and excellent performance of the machine will definitely add new impetus and vitality to your business path. Choose Newidea Packaging Machinery and let success accompany you!

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