Drip Coffee Bag Development History

The origin of drip coffee bag

Do you know which country first invented the drip coffee bag? It is not the mature coffee markets of Europe and America, but Japan, which is the most obsessed with coffee in Asia.

When it comes to coffee in Japan, most people think of hand brewing. Hand-made coffee is quite prosperous in Japan, but young Japanese office workers with a fast pace of life have no time to wait for a cup of hand-made coffee.

Therefore, in 1990, Japan’s Yamanaka Sangyo Co., Ltd. applied the concept of tea bags to coffee, invented drip coffee bag and applied for a patent.

However, the drip bag coffee designed by Yamanaka Industry cannot bear the weight of brewed coffee, it is easy to lose balance during the brewing process.So it has not been successfully commercialized. Until 1998 that Daji Corporation improved the original invention and extended the hanging part outwards, and today’s drip coffee bag is available.

The development of drip coffee all over the world

Drip coffee is all the rage in East Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and so on,showing a rapid growth trend. According to the “Report on China’s Coffee Industry Investment Analysis and Outlook Forecast for 2020-2024”, China’s per capita coffee consumption is 6.2 cups and is expected to reach 10.8 cups by 2023. Even if the per capita consumption reaches 10% of the US level, it will be a huge amount market size.

For coffee beans original countries, cafes are generally located in various places, and their demand for drip coffee is not very large. However, since 2020, many cafes around the world have been unable to operate normally due to the impact of the COVID-19. At this time, if customers want to enjoy coffee at home, in the company, or outdoors, drip bag coffee is definitely the most perfect option.And they can export their coffee to other countries besides the domestic market. Therefore, many cafes and coffee makers choose to produce drip bag coffee, and the sales volume is even better than before COVID-19.

The drip coffee bag that are common in East Asian countries but are rarely seen in Occident. Because of the popularity of home coffee machines, they usually making by coffee machines.Drip coffee bag is still a novel commodity for them. In addition to Japanese supermarkets selling ear bags in the United States, Amazon also has sales channels.

With the popularity of drip coffee, this novel product is believed to be gradually accepted by Occident, and this will be a larger market. Because the advantages of drip bag coffee can better win the favor of consumers.

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