2022 Pet Food Packaging trends

Affected by the COVID-19, the pet food packaging industry has to change some of the previous packaging processes and methods to adapt to the new needs of consumers for pet food packaging in special circumstances. The factors that lead to changes in the entire pet food packaging industry are not only from the industry itself, but also from changes in other external collaborative environments.

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NEWIDEAPACK is a Chinese factory focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of packaging machines. In the past years, we have witnessed the development of the entire packaging machine industry. With years of experience in packaging machine manufacturing and keen observation of changes in the packaging machine industry, we believe that three important pet food packaging development trends are gradually subverting the entire pet food packaging industry.

Trends in Pet Food Packaging: Sustainability of Packaging Raw Materials

Affected by COVID-19, factories in many countries and regions cannot start production normally. This has led to the risk of supply interruptions in the supply chain of raw materials for pet food packaging that should have been closely linked. As the key link of pet food packaging, raw materials directly affect the efficiency of pet food packaging and the supply of pet food.

In order to solve this problem, pet food wholesalers are seeking to replace the previous pet food packaging bags with new materials. More and more paper or non-woven pet food packaging bags are replacing the previous plastic or polyester pet food packaging bags.

Considering the variety of pet food, it is impossible for bag packaging to cover all pet food. Some pet food packaging made of iron cans is also considering the possibility of packaging recycling. To facilitate this goal, some canned pet food sellers have introduced a new way to trade empty cans for canned pet food.

Development Trend of Pet Food Packaging: Improved Work Efficiency of Pet Packaging

Automated packaging systems shine in the field of mechanical packaging. Each packaging link under the control of the microcomputer can pack various items to be packaged in an orderly manner. From the mixing and matching of raw materials to be packaged to the transportation of raw materials, to the packaging and offline storage of raw materials; every link can run smoothly without manual operation.

Considering that under the influence of the epidemic, many people cannot go out to work and live longer at home, and people are more willing to keep pets to increase the joy of life. With the gradual increase in the number of pets, more pet food is needed for pet feeding. Therefore, the original pet food suppliers need to purchase pet food packaging machines with higher packaging efficiency to meet the huge demand for pet food.

The programmable logic controller (PLC) of the packaging machine is being applied to the pet food packaging machine industry on a large scale. These packaging control systems can make the operation data of the packaging machine more intuitive, reduce the time to deal with the downtime and maintenance of the pet packaging machine due to failures, and further improve the overall work efficiency of the pet food packaging machine.

Trends in pet food packaging: Pre-made bags account for a higher proportion

In the past, pet food packaging is often similar in appearance, and the content printed on the packaging bag is basically the relevant information of the brand or pet food. Usually, this common pet food package can be molded by a pet food packaging machine through a heat sealer at one time.

As pets play an increasingly important role in human life, the status of pet food is gradually being valued by people. More and more pet food brands are putting more effort into the outer packaging of pet food to win more market share. The traditional heat-sealed plastic film packaging bags obviously cannot meet these escalating needs, so the emergence of prefabricated bags solves this problem. If you don’t know much about prefab bag packaging, you can check out our professional article.

The advantage of prefabricated bags is that in addition to meeting the needs of packaging, they can also carry more commercial attributes. Including unique packaging bag appearance, brand promotion elements of the outer packaging, long-term airtight storage ability, etc. So in the future, pet food packaging with prefabricated bags will definitely lead the packaging trend in the industry.

The above three points are important predictions made by NEWIDEAPACK packaging machine manufacturers for the development trend of pet food packaging in 2022. And market changes are gradually verifying the correctness of this prediction. If you want to have an in-depth understanding of the packaging machine industry or are interested in learning more about packaging machines, please contact our professional engineers and we will give you the answer you want. And all this for free!