What is the drip bag coffee

What is the drip bag coffee

Drip bag coffee introduction

Drip bag coffee, is an easy take(portable) coffee that is ground coffee and sealed into filter bag.

Drip bag coffee is kind of the hand make coffee, and the taste is similar to fresh roasting coffee. The feature of drip bag coffee is you can enjoy your fresh coffee at anywhere and anytime, no need for any coffee equipment.

The key factor of drip bag coffee is fresh roast coffee, keep it fresh. Roasted by professional barista, using selected non-woven fabrics materials as drip bag, you can brew most fresh coffee.

drip coffee bag

The origin of drip bag coffee

Drip bag coffee start from Japanese in 1990, After improved, it was selling in the market in 2001, and popular in Taiwan, Japan, Korean and most  Asian country. Now day, the drip bag coffee sales is about 3 billion, and now is the most popular coffee style in the market now.

How to keep the drip bag coffee fresh

Drip bag coffee is put into the drip bag after coffee grounded. Good drip coffee will keep more aromatic substance, smell good, and test good.

Firstly, most drip bag coffee is packed independent, in order to keep the coffee fresh.

                                     How to keep the drip coffee fresh 

Secondly, the very important point is adopted using Nitrogen.(learn more drip bag coffee packaging solution from Tianjin Newidea Pack, no matter using manual or machine, Nitrogen is standard device for the machine). This way will reduce the speed of oxidation of coffee powder and keep the flavor of coffee.

Lastly, when we are purchasing the drip bag coffee, we’d better choose the newest production date, and drink it within four months after purchase. And also not buy too much.

What is the benefit of Drip Bag Coffee

Drip bag coffee is between “instant coffee” and “fresh ground coffee”, its more nature to compare with instant coffee, and also easy to take compare with fresh ground coffee, you only need one cup of hot water, no need for complex process of fresh ground coffee.

  1. You can choose drip bag coffee favor as you like, you can choose blendy coffee that you can taste different favor of coffee from different place.

  2. Drip coffee don’t additive, more health.

  3. Economic, easy take, no need for any equipment.

FAQ of Drip Bag Coffee

    1. How many times can be drip bag coffee be brewed?

We suggest, one time is enough. When we drew it first time, the taste is best, and the flavor will lose second times

    1. How much water  drew the drip bag coffee?

Generally, one drip bag coffee is about 8-12g, it is recommended to brew it with 160ml-180ml water, but not more than 200ml, the best way we can brew according to the recommended amount of water on the package.

    1. What is the temperature of drew coffee

The water temperature of 85-95 ℃ is the most suitable for brewing coffee. When the temperature exceeds 95 ℃, the coffee will become bitter and astringent. When the temperature is lower than 85 ℃, the taste and aroma of the coffee will not be strong enough.