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Are you looking for Solid Beverage packaging machine?

Reform Packaging Machine offers a wide range of machines providing numerous solutions for your coffee packaging needs. We offer for coffee packaging machine various bag size.

Meet your various Solid Beverage packaging needs

Whether you want to package coffee beans, coffee powder, or drip bag coffee, we can provide the right packaging machinery.

Packaging Machines for Solid Beverage

ND-S600 Multilane Packaging Machine For Stick Pack

The ND-S600 series of Multilane packaging machines, developed by our chief Italian designer, have reached the top international standards in terms of mechanical structure, electrical component configuration, and production technology. Let customers to use a high-performance, cost-effective, stable and reliable multi-lane packaging machine.
This series of packaging machines are suitable for packaging stick bag for instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee, and other medical, food, health care products, solid beverage industry.

  • Max Speed: 108 bags/min
  • Lane number: 2/4/6/10 lanes
  • Min Size: 40mm*20mm;Max Size180mm*30mm

bag types options for Solid Beverage

Our packaging equipment supports a variety of coffee packaging bag types. Common coffee packaging bag types include: prefabricated bags, flat bottom bags, ironing edge bags, inner and outer bags for hanging ear packaging, stick bags, pin bags, and can also be customized according to your needs. Provide auxiliary packaging processes such as easy-to-tear zippers and breathable valves.

packaging applications & samples for Solid Beverage

We think along with you and put your needs first. Efficiently and solution-oriented, we provide tailor-made packaging. Are you curious about which solution we can use to surprise and inspire you? Please contact us!

Frequently asked questions

1 Please fill up the “Request A Quote” form in our website with all details mentioned on
the form. Our marketing department will send to you an offer based on your requirement.

The prices of our machines depend on the model of the machine that you are interested
in. The price also depends on the additional features and facilities.

No. We will at first give you an ex-factory or/and (FOB), (FCA) price. You will be informed of
the cost of shipping after notifying us of a place of the final destination, and whether you
would like to import the machine by sea or by air.

All the machine enjoys a one-year warranty. During this period, our engineer will fix any malfunction & change the broken parts of your machine for free.

We will replace the part free of charge. You only pay the shipping charges.

Yes. We can recommend suitable packaging materials which are compatible with your
product and also with our machine.

Yes. If we know how much of your product you want to pack in each sachet, we can
calculate the ideal sizes for the packaging materials, which will be compatible with the
machine for most economical production.

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