How does a sauce packaging machine improve honey packaging efficiency by 35%

This is a real case. Our client Notker is a well-known Canadian honey exporter, with an annual honey export share of 16.7% of Canada’s total export share. Our cooperation started in 2015, as Notker’s honey export volume has been growing steadily, the sauce packaging machine he purchased before was not enough to meet the production needs. Notker needs to improve the packaging efficiency of honey.

In order to ensure that the newly purchased sauce packaging machine can maintain a stable working state during the honey packaging process, Notker purchased 1 sauce packaging machine each in Japan, China, and the United States for testing. Frankly speaking, our packaging machines are not all full marks in each evaluation result (afterward, Notker sent us the test scoring items and corresponding scoring results at that time).

Sauce packaging machine brandPackaging machine modelPacking speedPackaging pass ratePackaging weight errorContinuous working time
*****(USA)KL-0849-K30 bags/Min97%±1.5%72 hours
NEWIDEAPACKND-S60035 bags/Min98.5%±1.0%125 hours
*****(JAPAN)PKSDN-36SD37 bags/Min98%±1.2%128 hours

Based on the above scoring results, we guess that Notker continues to purchase our sauce packaging machines to pack honey, probably because our packaging machines have an excellent overall price/performance ratio. In addition, the friendly cooperation over the past years has made him trust us even more. Let’s go back to the core of the article, why our sauce packaging machine can prompt honey packaging efficiency by 35%?

Improvement project 1 of the new sauce packaging machine: Improve the feeding speed of the sauce pump

The sauce pump conveys the sauce in the measuring cylinder to the packaging machine through compressed air. The previous mechanical sauce pump compresses the piston of the measuring cylinder through the mechanical transmission of the packaging machine, and pushes the sauce to be transported to the packaging machine. During this process, the piston consumes the motor power of the packaging machine, resulting in low packaging efficiency.

In order to solve this problem, in the early sauce packaging machine, we can only increase the overall power of the packaging machine, and try to shorten the stroke of the piston rod. In this way, the power loss of the packaging machine can be reduced and the packaging speed can be increased.

After using the pneumatic sauce pump, the sauce packaging machine no longer consumes the power of the packaging machine during production, and the feeding of the sauce pump is no longer restricted by the stroke of the piston connecting rod, which greatly improves the packaging speed. This is similar to the difference between a single shot rifle and a submachine gun, haha.

sauce packaging machine

Improvement project 2 of the new sauce packaging machine: the multilane stick-pack method of sauce food is adopted

In the past honey packaging process, we usually used vertical packaging machines as the preferred packaging method. However, as the market demand changes, more and more consumers prefer stick-shaped small-capacity sealed packaging. This small-capacity sauce packaging bag is easy to carry, has a moderate cutting capacity, and has an increasing market share.

Notker is an entrepreneur with a strong ability to perceive market dynamics. He is keenly aware that the past large-capacity honey packaging is gradually no longer popular with consumers. So after communicating with us, he found that a multi-column sauce packaging machine is what he needs.

The number of channels can be selected according to the actual production capacity of the multi-row stick sauce packaging machine. It can only pack 1 bag of honey at a time to 6 bags of honey at a time, and the production capacity is as much as 6 times higher.

Improvement project 3 of the new sauce packaging machine: film supply speed of the sauce packaging machine

Another important factor that affects the production speed of the sauce packaging machine is the supply speed of the roll film. The honey-packed bag is made of pre-printed plastic film and is shaped into a stick shape by the former of the sauce packing machine. The old-fashioned sauce packaging machine has to go through film stretching, forming, sealing and other links in the process of packaging bags. Affected by various factors, the operation of the old-fashioned sauce packaging machine takes a long time in each link.

Today, the design concept and process of the sauce packaging machine have become more sophisticated, and the above-mentioned sauce bag forming process can be completed in a very short time. The design of this multi-link fast operation has greatly improved the working efficiency of the sauce packaging machine.

The above three promotion links are the result of years of scientific research efforts by NEWIDEAPACK and have achieved great success in Notker’s honey packaging project. With his shrewd business acumen and strong production and packaging capabilities, Notker has gradually expanded his honey export share in Canada. His products are favored by more customers in other countries.

Since the demand for honey and honey packaging varies greatly from country to country, Notker has communicated with us again. We have developed a variety of new sauce packaging machines and related sauce packaging solutions according to the actual packaging needs. These sauce packaging machines solve most of the honey packaging problems for Notker, and our cooperation has become closer