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Four Major Development Trends Of Packaging Machinery

Jan. 21, 2019

First, globalization.

Competition in the global market is intensifying, and the rapid development of computer network technology has promoted cooperation between competing enterprises. This cooperation will bring new hopes to both parties, but because it is based on competition, it will inevitably develop. To the international market competition. The interaction between cooperation and competition has become the driving force for the development of global manufacturing. Networking is the primary prerequisite for global manufacturing technology. Only the integration of networked communication technology can ensure the smooth development of manufacturing globalization.

Second, network.

The success of network technology has solved many limitations in the time and space of Vertical Packing Machine manufacturing. The popularity of computer networks will bring revolutionary changes to the production and sales of enterprises. From product design, parts procurement and manufacturing, and market analysis, it is easier to operate and manage according to network technology, and can be operated and controlled in different places.

Third, virtualization.

The application of virtual technology in product production is mainly reflected in the two functions of inspection and simulation. Firstly, it can test the machinability, processing method and rationality of the design, which can ensure the quality and production cost of the product more accurately. ,Production cycle. In addition, the product can be modeled and simulated, and each process of product manufacturing can be simulated through computer software and network to avoid uncontrollable problems in actual operation.

Fourth, automation.

At present, the research of automation is mainly embodied in the integration technology and system technology in the manufacturing system, the man-machine integrated manufacturing system, the manufacturing unit technology, the planning and scheduling of the manufacturing process, the flexible manufacturing technology and the manufacturing environment adapted to the existing production mode. The development trend of Automatic Granule Packing Machine manufacturing automation technology is manufacturing globalization, packaging machinery manufacturing agility, packaging machinery manufacturing network, packaging machinery manufacturing virtualization, packaging machinery manufacturing intelligence and manufacturing green.

Four Major Development Trends Of Packaging Machinery

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