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How To Maintain The Vertical Packing Machine?

Dec. 01, 2018

Vertical Packing Machines are mostly used in the production of small snacks in daily life. The packaging style not only meets the national health standards, but also meets the aesthetic standards of packaging style. And in the packaging machinery industry occupies a large market share, the development and progress of the food market for packaging machines to bring a broader development market. Comprehensive vertical packing machine maintenance is divided into three steps, mechanical part, electrical part and mechanical lubrication.

Maintenance of electrical part of vertical packaging machine:

1. Operators of vertical packaging machines should check the looseness of the wire ends at each joint before starting the machine.

2. Small particles such as dust may also affect some functions of the packaging machine. When the probe of photoelectric switch and proximity switch falls into the dust, it is easy to make it misoperate, so it should be checked and cleaned frequently.

3. Detailed parts are also the focus of mechanical cleaning, such as regular use of soft gauze dipped in alcohol to clean the surface of the cross-seal slip ring and remove the carbon powder on its surface.

4. Some parts of vertical packaging machine can not be changed at will. Non-professionals are not allowed to turn on the electrical part. The parameters or procedures of transducers, microcomputers and other control elements have been set. Any change will cause system disorder and mechanical failure to work properly.

Lubrication of VFFS Packaging Machine:

1. Rolling bearings are the worn parts of machinery, so each rolling bearing should be filled with butter gun once every two months or so.

2. Different parts of the lubricant types are different, such as the sleeve on the packing film roller, the sleeve at the front sprocket of the feeding conveyor should be filled with mechanical oil in time;

3. Clutch is the key to start the packaging machine. Lubricating oil should be added to the clutch part in time.

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