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Technical Innovation Of Dispensing System

Jul. 10, 2019

It is surely important that the packaging machine must achieve the correct amount of product for each bag. Different dispensing systems have been developed to make sure this happens. The different dispensing system depends on the different product features.

• Filling Scales And Counting Machines are the most commonly used dispensing systems for products such as candy, macaroni, snacks, chips, nuts, screws, and bolts: bulk goods freely fall into the bag through bag former.

Filling Scales And Counting Machines图片5.png

• Small volume bulk goods with a small piece size and a relatively low-cost price, such as detergent, rice, peas, fertilizer, and granulated sugar, are often dispensed with a dispensing cup or volumetric cups.

Filling Scales And Counting Machines

• Powdery products such as ground coffee and dry milk could be blown around during free fall, causing the product to get into the sealing seams. With such products, one uses an auger filler or auger dispensing that transport the powders directly to the bottom of the bag. 

Filling Scales And Counting Machines

• Liquids (ketchup or salad dressing, for example) are dispensed with a cylinder pump.

Filling Scales And Counting Machines

Right dispensing system can improve packing speed and packaging accuracy. Tianjin Newidea Machinery has abundant experience in granule packing, powder packing, paste packing, and liquid packing. The technology has matured and been widely used in the most field such as food, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, hardware.

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