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Tea Packaging Equipment Helps To Extend The Shelf Life Of Tea

Feb. 13, 2019

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of the concept of health and health, tea drinking is more and more sought after. In the market, the types of tea are constantly enriched, and different teas have a certain shelf life. The emergence of Tea Bag Packaging Machine has made tea packaging more diversified, and at the same time extended the shelf life to a certain extent. With the improvement of processing technology and tea packaging equipment, the shelf life of bulk black tea is generally 18 months. The shelf life of black tea packed in canned bags, canned or wrapped in aluminum foil by food packaging equipment can be up to 24 months. In life, most of us are tea bags packed in bags, cans and aluminum foil.

Taking bagged tea as an example, at present, the bag tea Vertical Packing Machine on the market can be used for automatic packaging of tea, health care products, food and other materials. The machine first puts the material into the inner bag, and then puts the inner bag into the outer bag, so that the inner and outer bags are simultaneously packaged, and the degree of automation is high, and the processes of bag making, metering, filling, sealing, slitting and counting can be automatically completed. At the same time, the package size can be quickly changed according to the packaging process, and the width may be adjusted easily and quickly by the adjustment handle, which not only improves the packaging efficiency, but also ensures the packaging effect of the tea.

Unlike bagged tea packaging, canned tea leaves need to be bottled. We have learned that the tea can packaging production line can realize the automatic operation and control functions of the whole process of automatic bottle handling, weighing, filling, capping and sealing after manual bottle feeding and material preparation. At the same time, the adjustment of the bottle shape of each part is realized by the rotation of the handle, and the operation is simple and easy.

Tea Bag Packaging Machine

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