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To Select Suitable Packaging Machine

Jan. 16, 2019

In the previous article, we introduced several packaging machines that should be selected for the raw materials. Today, we will do some supplements, improve some content, and hope to greatly help you choose the packaging machine.

1.Paste materials

Such as jam, sauce, tomato paste, fruit shake, shampoo,honey etc..

Sauce Packing Machine

Sauce Packing Machine is pneumatic pump for paste filling, the filling dosage can be adjust freely. Concerned the different paste has different flowability, so we can provide heating or stiring before filling. This device need air compressor. Pls contact with our sales Rep., he will add these function according your special demand.

2.Liquid materials

Such as oil, drink water, juice etc..

Liquid Packing Machine

Liquid Packing Machine is also pneumatic pump , we use special device to ensure drip proof as liquid has good flowability, To avoid last drop liquid to the sealing area, ensure the sealing is strong and stable.

Now, you know how to select dosage device according your packaging materials,it is the first step to choose right packaging machine. You are ready to shop your right packaging machine, please browse our website to select our durable, efficient packaging machine. Or you can consult our sales Rep. They will give you professional and pleasant service.

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