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What Are The Characteristics Of The Sauce Packaging Machine?

Feb. 04, 2019

The Sauce Packing Machine is suitable for sticky articles with a certain fluidity, sauce packages, jams, ketchup, hair cream, sauce shampoo, and the like.


1. The body of the sauce packaging machine is made of stainless steel and is corrosion resistant. Easy to clean. Meet the requirements of GMP regulations.

2, microcomputer controller, push-button operation. Optional touch screen + PLC control, screen display faults at a glance, easy to maintain.

3. The design adopts unique embedded sealing, reinforced heat sealing mechanism, intelligent temperature controller temperature control, good heat balance to adapt to various packaging materials, good performance, low noise, clear sealing texture and strong sealing.

4. The photoelectric control system has strong anti-light and electric interference ability, effectively eliminates false color code, and automatically completes bag positioning and fixed length.

5. By changing the tool, the one-line cutting and the pattern cutting can be cut off in a straight line, so that the cutting knife can be stable and reliable when the bag is cut.

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Sauce Packing Machine

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