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Fault removal of automatic liquid packaging machine

May. 28, 2019

Reasons and elimination methods for vertical and horizontal sachet filling and sealing machine without temperature or temperature instability:

1. Check whether the instrument works normally.

2, temperature thermocouple is damaged or loose off.

3. Whether the electrical heat pipe is damaged.

4. The power supply is out of phase, the thread is loose and falls off.

Automatic liquid packaging machine bag sometimes long sometimes short unstable reasons and elimination methods:

1. The screw of bagging pliers is loose, the rubber pad is worn or greasy, and the household detergent should be used to clean it.

2. Improper adjustment of desert tightness.

3. The plastic tape is overweight.

Horizontal Packaging Machine

Reasons and elimination methods for operators of automatic liquid packaging machine to feel numbness and electricity:

1. Wrong power connection or poor contact.

2. The machine should be well grounded.

3. Heat seal copper block wiring shall be well insulated from the outside world.

4. Do not allow liquid spray on power line or electrical appliances.

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