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How To Select Suitable Packaging Machine According Your Packaging Materials ?

Jan. 07, 2019

First step: dosage device.

When your sales scale is larger and larger, you always face new problems , such as higher labour cost, lower working efficiency, lower output,and marginal profit decrease etc.. To invest a suitable automatic packaging machine, it will be your best choice. By using a suitable packaging machine, it can make or break the future of your company.

Use this guide to help you to choose right and suitable dosage device according your packaging materials, it is the first step , but the most important step.

Usually we give our packaging machine different application according customer different materials. If to pack coffee, the whole set of packaging machines are quite different from coffee powder and coffee beans. So the materials can be divided into four categories: granule , powder, paste and liquid.

Granule Packaging Machine1. Granule material

Non-sticky granule material, Such as chips,snack,beans, seeds, sugar,  coffee, salt ,rice, peanuts, glutamate ,tea etc. The Granule Packaging Machine should have granule filling and dosage system. Two systems can be selected.

One is volumetric cup filling system.

This system uses volumetric cup to measure material volume, By adjusting different volume of cups, it can achieve different weight you want to pack per bag. The volumetric filling and dosage is very classic and economic ways for regular materials, such as rice,peanuts, salt, sugar,seeds and tea.

Another is weigher system.Granule Packaging MachineIt uses linear scale or combination electric scale to weigh your materials according your setting. It has touch screen and easy operation manual guide. It can be easily cleaned up and high accuracy per bag. We help you to select right scale according your budget and estimated output.

2. Powder materials

Non-sticky powder, such as milk powder, coffee powder, flour, spice powder,detergent powder etc.Granule Packaging MachineAs the powder will blow into the air and the falling speed is slow while filling. So we usually use Powder Packing Machine screw auger to fill the powder. The dosage is also controlled by volume, we adjust screw auger speed and circles to achieve different dosage and different packing speed. As the powder is kept in the air-tight space, so it can avoid blowing into air, and also increase the falling speed.

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